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I swear this isnt a good month for me!

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Prior to my whole situation, i went shopping on ebay, i bought this perfume that i couldnt find in the shops.
EBAY, has been banning people for selling products when they dont have a license.. THAT ISNT THE POINT!

I bought perfume for 30 euros, sent it away (the money) and got no reply, its nearly 3 weeks now, and YESTERDAY i noticed that he isnt registered on ebay anymore, i looked through the phone books through his name and the persons banks details name (for some reason they are two different people) and i HAVE FOUND NOTHING!
I mean seriously! post out the stuff or send the money back to be fair!

I am literally on 0,000 i have no more money at all left and now this happens!

I have bad karma this month!

Sorry i needed to vent!
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Sorry Fran. When it rains------it pours, doesn't it??
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Just what you needed! Did you use PayPal, or just transfer the money?
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Originally Posted by fwan
I placed a bid where PayPal was accepted, and read through the references (118, with only one negative; the negative one was from somebody who didn't check whether the cage would fit through the door before ordering it).
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Tell ebay. There may be something they can do. You don't need this now, I know.
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Definitly contact Ebay, fwan. Don't let this drop.
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I would also contact Ebay..I thought they had methods to prevent this....I am not an Ebay shopper, but i thought you send the money to them...like Ebay was a middle man or something...I guess im wrong, just another reason not to shop there......

sorry Fawn..I hope it works out in the end.....
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I hear you, Fran. I just got screwed over by someone who is no longer a registered user for quite a bit of money.

Hope things improve for you soon.
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Luckily, in the 7 years I've been shopping on ebay, I haven't been ripped off once. I always feel so badly for people who do. You put your trust in those people to do their part, and you're let down. I'm sorry it happened to you. What was his feedback like? Have you checked it recently? If I were you, I would call him even though if he's a crook, it won't be the right number. It's still worth a shot. I don't think ebay can do anything because you didn't pay through paypal. Some of the auctions say they're insured but that might only be on expensive stuff. I don't know. You have 90 days (I think) to leave feedback.

Hope everything works out for you.
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