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Who shops at ebay?

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I'm probably one of the last dinosaurs who doesn't, because I've heard a few horror stories about people getting ripped off. Anyway, I opened up an account this morning, because our niece wants a big cage for her parakeets/budgies for Christmas, and ebay has the best selection, believe it or not. What are your experiences?
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I've always had great experiences as a buyer. 99% good experiences as a seller. 1 bad one, selling a collectible Barbie (I'm 98% sure she got the package, and just wanted her money back, so said that she never recieved it. So I was out the Barbie and the payment...)

Most of the people on Ebay are good people, but you only hear about the small percentage where it doesn't go right.
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I buy from Ebay on a semi-regular basis. I have only had one experience where I was disappointed with the item. It was a very inexpensive item, so I wasn't too concerned. Now that you mention it, I have to go check my mailbox! I won an item the other day that I am planning to give as a Christmas gift and I know it is on the way!

When bidding, pay special attention the the seller's feedback. It can tip you off if they aren't reliable.
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but i now hate it, read my other thread..
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You may want to use an escrow service to prevent such loss.
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My name is Tracey, I am an eBay addict ....

I have found so many interesting and unique things - I am currently starting my first wardrobe (yes I haven't paid much attention until now) - and I am finding things that I really like that would be impossible to get locally.

I've sold many things also - grey way to recycle.

Paying via Paypal is great!
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On average, I only have bought a few items a year. I have found ebay to be a good experience. Your most successful and money saving wins will be with bids in the last few seconds though; and I mean literally, not 45 seconds, not 30, the last few.
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Is it a good or bad idea to put in a maximum bid (ebay Germany raises the bids in increments of 50 cents)? The cage I want retails for €229, plus shipping. I checked out about 20 online retailers, and that was the lowest price. The place offering on ebay wants €29.90 for shipping (it's a big cage), and my current bid (the highest) is €48,50. I put €80 as a maximum. The bidding expires at 8 p.m. Monday (it's currently after 10 p.m. Saturday here).
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No I don't shop on ebay. However on Trade me, I do.
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I've purchased a lot of My Little Ponies, and a few Kiss items on EBAY. I've never been ripped off once. I think it's best to stick to sales where you can PayPal them your payment, because you are protected that way. PayPal will refund your money if you don't recieve your item. I've also purchased some DVD's and CD's over Amazon Market Place, and that's pretty similar to ebay, except you don't have to bid. It's more like a BIN on ebay.

One more thing, I sometimes use a Sniper program to purchase some of my things, because they will place your highest bid for you, within seconds of the auction ending. I've won many a Pony by sniping. A lot of people hate the practice of sniping, but I find it gets results.
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I've used Ebay for years. I've even purchased 4 cars on Ebay.
Personally I've had only positive experiences and recommend it to everyone.
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Also have been purchasing from Ebay for years!! Embarassed by the hundreds...yes hundreds of stars next to my name...representing every purchase and sale

Almost everything I purchase comes from Ebay...perfume, mascara, boots, pants, cat toys, sheet sets, etc.

Addicted to Ebay (hanging my head in shame but smiling at the savings)
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I've never used eBay, though I confess I've been curious. One of these days, I'll take some time to prowl around the site and decide what questions I need answered before I try it out.
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Im an ebay junkie too...... I LOVE ebay. You can find stuff on there you cant find at stores and usually at awesome prices too. Most times stuff I see at craft stores I can find on ebay cheaper. But there are also those items that you see in LTD or Lakeside Collection that someone is trying to make a bundle on when you could get it cheaper through magazine itself. And then some people just try to rip you off. I make sure I always do research on items first before I bid. I enjoy selling items as well but I much more enjoy shopping.
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I used to buy from Ebay, but not so much now. These days I mainly sell, it can be a good little money earner a bit of extra pocket money never goes astray!
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I have yet, to get what I'd call a "good deal", but that's probably because I'm primarily buying My Little Ponies from the 80's, and they aren't cheap. If I buy a newer My Little Pony from this era, I still end up paying more than I would at the store, because there are a lot of people who go out to the stores, and buy huge amounts of them and sell them on Ebay. I buy newer one's sometimes for the convinience of not having to go to the store, but it's much more expensive.
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In 4.5 years, I have only been ripped off once. Last year about this time I dunno if this person went nutso or what, had almost perfect feedback then ripped off about a dozen people.
I live at the edge of nowhere LOL! I hate big crowds of shoppers! I am the run in, get what you came for, and get out type. Ebay was made for me IMO. Click, click and it is on the way. No putting xtra gas in the car, and no going store to store.................
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i dont use ebay as much i as i used to when i was a stay at home mom but i do still browse and use it to find Chinese Crested items, 4 legged full sweaters for my crested, figurines, etc) i also sell occasionally antique dog figurines that i have collected over the years. Have bought beanie babies and other things there too-- Been a member since 2 days before my son was born in 2000. Only been scammed twice-- once i purchased a pair of antique porcelian cats worth over 200$ and the lady had the gall to pack them in an oversized box (so she could charge more for shipping i found out later) and the only packing material was 10 yes tenwalmart plastic shopping bags, needless to say the cats arrived in pieces. she blamed it on the post office which i could see since she didnt pack the danged things right. If she had packed them right it wouldnt have happened. the other time i was scammed the kid scammed 13 other people out of over 18grand$. that was awhile ago-- havent had any problems since-- i love it
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Putting in your maximum bid is usually a good idea if it is a fair price (what it has gone for in "completed" auctions) or what would be considered a good price. It can backfire at times - I'd research to see what it has gone for before from this seller.

I most often will not put a bid in until the last few hours - why? Because I am afraid I will find something else I like better or for a BIN (Buy it Now) before and not have to wait until one ends. Occasionally, if I think the item is right and the price is right - I will put in a bid right away. why again? Because if it the standard price paid - I want to "claim" it and encourage the next person to search for an un-bid item.

Do my tatics work? Dunno, but makes me feel better.
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yep we have the ebay spirt in this house my husband sell's a little mostly guitor's and i go through a spell once in a while and start selling or buying it just depends what kind a mood im in
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i enjoy getting thing from ebay, but i had one bad experience where i bought a cd and it took a looooong time to get it. i emailed the seller and he only emailed me twice and was very vague on where my cd was. he told me it was returned to him and that i gave him the wrong address. i know i wrote him the write address because i had just bought a tape and got it a week or so later...- anyway at one point i resort to calling the house..i talked to his wife and she gets all huffy with me since i left them a negative comment (i noticed later i wasnt the only one who had this sort of problem) so she told me it wasnt his first priority to send off my cd, and how some poeple only make their money from ebay (which to me is insane..and if you are only getting your money for bills etc from ebay. then do it right) after 2 months i finally got my dang cd..and i noticed he had such horrible chicken stratch that i bet the post office couldnt even read the address so thats why my cd was returned to him. but i've bought 5 other things and had good experience..its just guys like that..that really taint ebay buying experiences, lol
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I am an ebay aholic. and I have not had many bad experiences. I sell and Buy on there. You can get some really great deals. I have had maybe one or two buys that were not what i wanted and the seller did not reply but i filed a complaint and got my money back and sent their item back no negative feed back so. I more recently got a new name to go with my buisness. so i dont have as many stars as i used to. BUT its still 100%
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I'm always on ebay, I'm addicted. I'm always looking out for a Tori Amos shirt on the smaller side (because all the others are like tents!) and just random things I could use. My mom's even gotten a few things. I don't sell, as that's too much trouble. I like spending the money, haha. Haven't been ripped off, so no bad experiences here.
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Yep I must confess I'm an Ebay junkie too The one and only time I had any problems with a deal was a hard drive. It took about a month to arrive that was after I filed the dispute with Ebay on it. Other than that I have only had super experiences on there.

I found my oldest granddaughter's Xmas gift on Ebay and it was a lot cheaper than at the stores. I am one lazy shopper I just want to sit in the comforts of my home and shop
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I'm at an absolute loss. The same cage, from the same supplier, just went for €72 on ebay three hours ago (I bid, but didn't get it). In 22 hours. the bidding for the same product will end. I'm currently the highest bidder, at €69,58, and have set €80 as my maximum. Should I up that to €90 or €100? Or wait until tomorrow evening to do that?
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Originally Posted by jcat
I'm at an absolute loss. The same cage, from the same supplier, just went for ?72 on ebay three hours ago (I bid, but didn't get it). In 22 hours. the bidding for the same product will end. I'm currently the highest bidder, at ?69,58, and have set ?80 as my maximum. Should I up that to ?90 or ?100? Or wait until tomorrow evening to do that?
In my opinion, the best way to work with ebay is to wait until the last few minutes or seconds, if you can do that, of the auction. That way, if you put up a bid that's higher than is there, it's going to be hard for someone to up your bid in time. Like I said, I use Sniper programs, that will do my bidding for me, in the last few seconds.

Sellers don't like this practice, because it tends to keep the price down. I remember when I first started going to ebay, I would put up my bids right away, and I got beat all of the time. Then I started waiting, til the auction was just about over, and placed my bid, and I started winning. People hate snipers, but I don't care. I find that Sniping tends to keep the price down, as well. Of course you might be dealing with other snipers as well, but you do have a better chance of winning your item, if you snipe.
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i never have but my mom does all the time
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I shop at ebay. I'll go through streaks where I'll buy from there frequently and then not for awhile. If you use paypal the risk goes way down since they automatically insure your purchase for up to $1000. I've used it once and they are very fast at resolving and giving your money back. I won an auction once for a large stuffed persian cat and didn't get it. I tried contacting the seller several times by email and phone. I contacted paypal via the web and had a response within 24 hours (or less) and had my money back shortly after that.
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I shop on eBay quite often. I've never had a bad experience until recently, when a seller's membership was suspended and I didn't get my item. I've been following up with the seller, as I have their e-mail and did pay for the item, and so far have only received one response as of yet. I'm hoping they will be decent enough to send my item instead of ripping me off.
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Originally Posted by jcat
I'm at an absolute loss. The same cage, from the same supplier, just went for €72 on ebay three hours ago (I bid, but didn't get it). In 22 hours. the bidding for the same product will end. I'm currently the highest bidder, at €69,58, and have set €80 as my maximum. Should I up that to €90 or €100? Or wait until tomorrow evening to do that?
If you want something badly enough, you will have to follow it to the minute (or second, as Ryan mentioned). Just up your bid as much as you feel it's worth as the bidding progresses on the item.
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