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Our D.T. for Monday

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Happy Monday! The start of the week....

Last night the S/O went on a cleaning tear He cleaned his and then MY bathroom , vacuumed the whole house, cleaned out the fridge, folded and put away the laundry and picked up around the house. I was in shock. I have NO idea what got into him. I basically just watched tv while he was a cleaning fool. Lord knows there are PLENTY of times I'm busy doing stuff and he's playing computor games. It was really nice for the shoe to be on the other foot!

This morning while I was in the shower he made the bed. I have no idea what is going on with him. Should I be worried? :laughing: Actually he gets like this every couple of months. I just can't believe the house is sparkling and I didn't have to do anything.

Sandie, those pics were great! Can you post more? I'd love to see em.

Dawn, your ear feeling any better?

Jin, glad you're back!

Sabra hope today goes smoothly for ya!

Hissy, hope Bailey is doing better today

Mel, what's new with you?

Ady, hope you don't have a headache today!

Everyone have a great day!
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I know this is Monday's DT but since I'm not really on during the weekends I'm going to talk about my weekend.

Well, with my lovely tax return I went shopping for the animals Saturday and spent $200. I stocked up on cat litter and got them this toy that hangs from the door. It's hard to describe but it's got the part that attaches to the top of the door and from that hangs a long stretchy/springy string with a fuzzy mouse on the end with feathers for a tail. I also got them one of the ball chasers; the circular tube where they stick in their paws and chase the ball around and around. They love these new toys. I got another carrier for them (I only had one that could fit one cat) that two of them can fit inside. I also got a new litter box matt that is supposed to help keep them from tracking litter on the carpet. I bought the dogs food and some chew toys and new collars (they had destroyed their old ones). I still have plenty of money left, some of which will go to pay for the cats vaccines next month and for hubby and I to go to the dentist (I know what fun).

Now today, since it is the DT for Monday, seems to be going pretty well even though I am very tired. I didn't get much sleep, I never do on Sunday nights. I need to figure out what in the world to do for dinner because lasts nights was a disaster and I am not eating the leftovers! Hubby really liked it but I didn't. I tried to get a little creative and it didn't turn out so well lol! My drive in this morning was great, no traffic. Spring break is this week, which makes traffic light since school is out, so I get to leave 15-20 minutes later in the morning!

Hope everyone has a terrific Monday.
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I Boy do I wish my husband would go on a cleaning spree. When he does, its usually to clean the garage, the basement, or his side of the bedroom. But since I am home all day, and he works his butt off I don't complain.
Thats funny, cause last night I did the same thing. I tackled my closet and gave 3 big bags of clothes to good will this morning. Stuff I never wear, and I have no idea why I kept it. So now I am organized for spring. I'd love to tackle the whole house, but I dont' know where to begin!! We've only lived here for a little over a year, so the clutter and un-organization is not bad yet. Next year will be a different story I am guessing.
I went grocery shopping this morning, just to pick up perishables....well $86.00 later I have a bunch of bags to empty. I cannot seem to go and just spend a few dollars. The minimum, I mean absolute minimum is usually $75!!! And I don't buy a lot of "processed" prepackaged stuff. I cook from scratch with mostly fresh stuff.....I just don't get it!!!! Thats what happens when you have kids I guess. There used to be a time when I could spend $50.00 for a weeks worth!!!!!! Not any more.

Have a great day everyone
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Woke up to wind........wind......wind.....and warm almost balmy weather? What the heck? Snow the other day, and now this. Bailey is going to have to go to the vet today, he is no better and perhaps even worse. Looks like he can't even lie down at this point, and when I approach him he slowly turns so his back is to me, a not so subtle message of "MA leave me alone!" I will call as soon as the clinic opens up this morning.

Hey Colby? Put that man's butt on a plane headed in my direction will you? I need him to show my hubby how to make a bed! LOL I cleaned all weekend and my house sure looks good. Had to do something with the nervous energy I had all of a sudden. Hope everyone has a great day. Hope Anne checks in too!
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Have the day off, going to try to organize my computer-cum-sewing room. Need to get the machines set up, so that I can shorten my new silk suit. Looks like I'll have a court date, soon, for my divorce and I need the suit, for that.
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Thanks, Colby

I couldn't sleep last night. Spawn woke me up at 2:00, and wouldn't let me go back to sleep. I threw her butt out of my room, but she insisted on scratching at the door and yowling, so that was no good. I finally gave up and just got up at about 3:00am. So I'm pretty beat right now. I'll sleep good tonight! Anyway, that's how my day is going so far...
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Hi everyone! Today is going good so far. Its slowly getting warmer here. Yeah! I hate the cold and snow. My husband got in the cleaning mood yesterday too lol. But, he only wants to clean weird things...not the everyday things like dishes, laundry,etc. He pulled out the stove so we could sweep under it and we also wiped the sides of the cabinets and he got this crazy idea to replace all of the cabinet knobs in the kitchen, so we went out and bought some and did that. Have a good day everyone!
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