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Toothpaste Poop

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Hi. Was just wondering two things. Any clue on why my newly adopted kitten is pooping what seems to be like toothpaste or peanut butter? It smears all over the automatic litter maid too because she doesn't cover it.

So I guess my question is any idea on if it's her diet causing to poop this way? She's currently eating kitten chow. Any suggestions on what to feed her that might make her poop harder so it can be dragged away by the automatic litter maid instead of smearing?

And also, any idea why she DOESN'T cover her poop? I'm assuming if she DID cover it, it might solidify and would be dragged away.

Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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My cat once had the same problem, it turned out to be diaharrea. He had developed an allergy to the food he was eating and it caused an inflammation in his small intestine which had to be treated and now he eats a special low-allergian dry food (Science Diet z/d). It turned out he was allergic to chicken protien.

It might just be something temporary, but if it doesnt go away I might suggest seeing your vet.

Other than that incident, my cat has never had the "toothpaste poop" again, hope this helps.
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how old mis the kitten and is the food the same she was fed at the place you got her from?

my cat wouldnt bury her poop as she was an only cat and therfore dominant. she didnt feel the need to mask her smell! lol

she started burying it after i showed her how.
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Your kitten (depending on age) should be getting wet and dry food IAMS is good for a growing kitty. Again depending on the age of the kitten, she may not know about litter box issues- the best way for her to find out is observe other cats if you have one. It is extremely difficult for a human to show a kitten how to bury the waste- a kitten shouldn't be in a new home until they are 12 weeks old, but that rarely happens. People start adopting them out a lot earlier, or the momcat dies, or something else happens.
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