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I am a little late to this thread, but I found interesting, and wanted to add my opinion! Anyways, as I soon to be parent to a girl or a boy, I have really thought long and hard about these kinds of things now...toys that aren't really appropriate.

I think the bratz dolls are ugly little grimlens that are teaching young girls to be all about looks and fashion. What about personality? Things like that matter, however, I dont think we can blame the dolls. At some point, a parent needs to step up to the plate, and say "You know what? I think these dolls are ok if you want to play make believe with them. But they don't have ideals like you and I." And they definitely shouldnt be given to younger girls who dont understand things like ideals and humility and things like that.

On the other side of that, I think toys for boys that make "violence" fun can be very dangerous. My cousin wanted a toy gun for I don't know how long, and my aunt refused and refused and refused, she finally relented, but he had to understand that he was to point it at no one and if he did, he would lose it. I think toys that invoke fighting should be taboo too. I think these toys teach kids that violence is okay, because the other person will get back up, where as in reality thats not true.

I think all toy COULD be okay, as long as parents do their job to inform their children of consequences and things like that...it all boils down to people actually having....dare I say it??? Having to be PARENTS. Not just guardians.
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My 9 y/o dd says she likes them because they look cool and come with cool stuff. They come in different sizes, have strollers for the babies, and little toys for the babies. They also have pets and all kinds of cool stuff.

I asked her if she would like to dress like a bratz doll, and she said "not really". I asked why not, and she said "because I would look weird!" But she does like that they are dressed like that.

So I am still totally confused, and she still doesn't have a bratz doll! LOL!

Whats kind of funny, is that she says most of her friends have bratz dolls, except Michelle and Laura. Guess who she plays with most? Michelle and Laura! Poor little children of picky parents! LOL! And I know for a FACT that Laura's Mom is very liberal politically, where I am conservative. So its not a left right thing-just a Mom thing, I guess!
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I don't care for them either. Or the t-shirts mentioned with flirty sayings on them. When I was 19 I had one that said 'Sweet' That was as far as I got with thoes types of things. Kids certainly don't need to be wearing stuff like that. I saw a 4 year old in leather pants, boots, and a thankfully normal too a few years ago at the mall. She was just struttin her stuff too! If I was the kid I'd say 'but mommy! Thoes pants aren't comfortable!'
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If I had a daughter, I would forbid these things. They just condone the way these little girls are dressing. I have seen 13yr olds wearing things that I wouldn't wear in front of my husband in the bedroom. I want to just run up and cover the girls with a blanket, then slap the outta thier parents for letting them wear it! These dolls just tell them it's ok to be sluts!
THANK GOD I have boys! My son will be 4 on monday and he want's a Doodle Monster,a stuffed toy that you can draw on and wash it and draw on it, and wash it, and ..............
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"Kids these days...."
No, not kids...PARENTS! Who have no business being parents!!! Who let their little girls run around dressed like whores and allow their little boys to act like thugs....
Disgusting. Every time I see a little girl looking like a sorority girl on the prowl, I want to ask her mother just how young a grandmother she wants to be.
Right now, my mother is thanking her lucky stars that the things I wanted to play with as a child were our kitties and toy horses, and that my brother collected baseball cards rather than toy guns....
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My grand daughter has all kinds of these dolls. I don't think there is anything wrong with them. It is all in the eye of the beholder I guess. It is only a toy.
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In all honesty I don't think they're good looking dolls, But I honestly don't see why everyone is so freaked out by them. I don't think they're any worse than a Barby doll, at least the Barby's from most of our generation. Didn't they used to say Barbie's convinced girls that there was only one type of woman that was beautiful and desirable? Brains or not Barbie has a specific body type, and is totally into fashion. Didn't they used to say young girls were becoming anorexic so they could live up the the type of girl her "Barbie Doll" was?

At least these dolls look like cartoon characters and not real people. How many real people do you know that have a HUGE head and a tiny body? Bratz are funny looking little dolls, but they seem to be the "in" thing right now. Forbidding your kids from having a Bratz, will only make them want one, even more.
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Of course they look like cartoon characters. Barie looks like a cartoon, too. I never looked a a Barbie doll and wanted to look like one. I wanted Barbie's job and her horses, though. lol
The problem I have with these dolls isn't their body type or it's effect on how girls see themselves, it's the attitudes they encourage.
They are "brats". They encourage girls to act materialistic, snotty and dumb. And they dress like whores, furthering the notion that women have to use sex to get what they want. At least Barbie, unrealistic in appearance as she is, encouraged girls to be independant, intelligent professionals rather than cheap, dumb sluts.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
How many real people do you know that have a HUGE head and a tiny body? .
posh spice
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
posh spice
I just about spit out my water when I was reading that! That is SO true. She looks so awful!
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
posh spice
That's my nominee for the 2005 retort of the year!
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I agree, I hate those dolls too. Kayla will never get one from me! Bad image they give out! She's not even my daughter and I don't have any of my own kids but I know better that that at least! Yes, the name "Bratz" says it all, they encourage a bratty attitude!
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