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Angry about Tandy

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Some of you may remember that I found a street puppy a couple of months ago, just before the boy kits were dumped on my step. I took her to my friend Vicki who runs a small dog rescue, and she set her up with a family in Germany. We named her Tandy and she was fostered out here in Sarajevo while she had health checks etc and the paperwork was done. I heard this morning that the husband of the foster mum took her out for a walk three weeks ago WITHOUT A LEAD and she got hit by a car. Vicki said that she was due to go to Germany last weekend, and her new family are of course very upset. Vicki said she has been plucking up courage to call me since. It is such a shame, she was a sweet puppy, and although one can never hope to save all the animals who need homes, it is incredibly annoying to lose one through carelessness. Vicki will never use that woman again to foster, especially as she was very defensive and not very apologetic even, which is a shame, as there are very few people here who will do it.

Here is Tandy's picture:

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Poor Tandy - just at the point where a whole new, love filled life was about to start for her. When things like this happen it is so hard, you at least gave her the chance of a new life
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How sad. And what recklessness, to take a baby without a lead. Rest in peace sweet puppy. Condolences to all who loved you who are missing you now.
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RIP, Tandy! Poor baby, she would have brought so much happiness to her soon-to-be family. Condolences to you all. Tandy, I have a wonderful dog, Tasha, who is over RB, and would just love for you to join her & her kitty, Forrest Gump. Godspeed over the Bridge, little dog!
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Jenny thats so sad Bless her little heart what a sweet face she has as well

RIP Tandy
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Poor Baby Rip little angel
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OMG your post had me crying I can't believe how irresponsible the foster was.

RIP Tandy!
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Jenny, that makes me sad and mad. How irresponsible can people be? That pup had been given the chance of a life in luxury, and the foster family ruined it. Rest in peace, little Tandy. There were people who loved you enough to try to help you.
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oh Jenny, I am have just seen this - I am so sorry. Its simply awful how stupid some people can be... awwww look at his sweet face.

RIP Tandy - your now in a better place
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