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New kitten

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My auntie just got a new kitty today, his name is Sylvester, He is black and white and 7 weeks old. They had to get their kitten salsa put down, and they've been looking for a new cat for about a week.
He is a DSH with white boots, and a white blotch on each end of his tummy. I was just wondering what they could do to make him adjust to their dog. He is a Big Chow Chow/Malamute Husky and he doesn't like cats very much. He wont bite them, But he pushes them with his nose and I didn't think sylvester would like this too much. Any Suggestions?
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Congratulations. I love little itty bitty kitties!!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwww, they are so cute.

You might get more help in the Behavior forum though on the subject of introducing your little one to a dog. Good luck.
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Slyvester sounds like a beautiful kitty...hopefully the dog will adjust, but at least he isn't trying to hurt it.
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Sounds like Sylvester is a cutie!! I think Sylvester will adjust to the dog just fine. It may take some time though. At least the dog won't hurt him.
Good luck to your auntie.
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Sylvester sounds adorable!

I would imagine, if he doesn't like being pushed around by the dog, he'll just scratch him across the nose and that will be the end of it!

But Daniela is right, the people over in behavior probably have tons of advice about this.
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