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Poor CJ, Whats Wrong?!

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Well I feel terrible. Ever since I have had him CJ will vomit on occasion. I have always just cleaned it up. The first time, he had worms. Then he was sick. Then was the meds at the vet. Then the meds at the vet again. Then he gorged himself on cat grass and promptly threw that up. CJ ate shredded wheat out of my cereal bowl while I answered the phone, that came back up. And now three times in less than an hour tonight.

I have noticed he looked skinny latel, he has always been a really long and lean cat at 9.5 pounds, but I can tell that it seems his tummy kinda sinks in a bit. And He has been talking an awful lot lately (which is a LOT because he is a talker.)

I have also noticed some strong litterbox odor, but I thought that was just because I am still getting used to having two cats (we have three litterboxes, Big booda dome, little booda dome and a dish pan with high sides). Well the ones in the living room stunk and some runny stool was in it last Sat. I changed it. I took them to the bathtub and scrubbed them out really good with a scrub brush and hot water. I figured it was Gabby's since she had just gotten fixed and was told that between being spayed and all her shots that she could have soft stools.

He also has had a decreased intrest in food. I assumed again because this was because Gabby can be a bit grumpy and he was just waiting until she was done to eat. Yet again I assumed he went and ate after she left but I didnt watch him eat.

Well tonight when CJ started vomiting I put three and three together and I think he is ill. I am worried because he has had diharehha for over a week now and is vomiting and isnt really eating very much. I am such a bad mom for just realizing this.

I am going to take him to the animal hospital tomorrow morning. I just feel terrible for not putting it all together. Is there anything I can to tonight to make sure he is comfortable?
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I'm sorry to hear about CJ. I'm going through the same thing right now with Madden, who is also going to the vet in the morning. (You can read about our problems in the "maddens got diarreah" thread in here) Madden seems to want to sleep on me right now, which is unusual for him most of the time, so I'm trying very hard not to disturb him and let him get lots of rest.

I hope everything turns out ok tommorrow at the vet for you and CJ. Please keep us posted!
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Cj get well soon...

make sure he stays hydrated ,,,,
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I hope that both of your furbabies will be all well soon!
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If you have or can get some pedialyte that will help him to stay hydrated. Don't put food down for him, just several bowls of water mixed with pedialyte. Check and see if he is hydrated, because if he isn't he can't wait till morning and would need a vet now to get subcu fluids-

Scruff his neck, pinch gently release- if the skin folds down in seconds, he is hydrated- if it stays up he needs a vet quick
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I'm glad you're taking him in...I've been doing some reasearch on hyperthyroid in cats, and some of the major symptoms is losing weight, diarrhea, vomiting, and night-time vocalizations. Make sure they run a thyroid panel, and good luck, I hope cute little CJ is ok.
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Well on top of the 3 times cj has vomited, somebody had liquidy stools on the carpet twice. Cj wasnt in the area when it happened, so I think maybe Gabby is sick too. I am just racking my brain trying to figure out what these two got into that is doing this. I am getting tired of cleaning up messes tonight, my apartment smells to high heaven, and I am very worried for my babies. I put them both in the bathroom with a litter box and food and water because at least it has tile floor. Per Hissy's advice I am going to remove the food and make a trip to walmart and get some pedalyte.

CJ is really freaking out being shut in the bathroom, I keep hoping he will calm down. It is one am here, and if he doesnt be quiet soon I am going to just have to let him back out because I know the neighbors can hear him. Before I run to walmart I am going to check to see if he is hydrated (God I hope so). There are a few animal clinics open until noon tomorrow (but not our normal vet) so now I am taking both cats in.

On a side note, since its a different vet should I bring their medical records with me (I have copies of almost everything for emergencies)?

Thanks y'all. I will update when I get back from walmart.
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another quick update... right as i was getting ready to walk out the door, Gabby just for no reason urinated on a pile of clothes of mine. She has never done that before...

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(((get better vibes))) for CJ and Gabby.
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I checked both of them and neither is dehydrated. CJ is out now, and Gabby is still in the bathroom due to her recent loss of bladder control and leaky stool. CJ seems to be doing somewhat better... I just dont get it. Anyway, in about 3 hours and 45 minutes I will have been up for 24 hours straight. I am going to bed for a few hours and then take the kids to the vet.
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What a terrible time for you all. I do hope that it gets sorted out soon. Good vibes for CJ and GAbby.
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Sounds like you sure have had a worrisome time. I hope its nothing serious. Sending prayers for you and CJ and Gabby
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Hopefully it will be nothing more than a bit of an upset tummy that will get better quickly.

A few weeks ago Lily went through a spell of vomiting - three or four times in a day. We took her to the Vet on the second day and he suggested keeping her off food for until the next evening and then just giving her 10 grams (she usually has 50 grams of dry food per day). Increasing it by 10 grams per day until she reached her normal amount, as long as she was keeping it down. But to keep water available at all times.

A day or so later Tolly came down with the same thing - we did the same for him and both were just fine.

Good luck with your vet visit - you're doing the right thing by making sure it's nothing serious (and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it's just an upset tummy).

I'm not saying that CJ and Gaby have the same thing, but as you can see, although things look very dramatic often they can turn out to be something very simple. So don't panic and hopefully your two babies will be back to normal very soon.
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Poor sick babies... any diagnosis yet? Hoping the best...
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The vet said that they both got were having reactions either from their food or from something they may have gotten into. She gave me thumbs up for using pedalyte (thanks hissy!) and said it kept them hydrated considering how raw their throats were from throwing up. I am now restricting thieir food intake to half a packet of wet food each and about a quarter cup of dry food each. She said to work my way back up to what they are used to eating if they do not start to get sick again. Tomorrow night I will give them a packet each as they are keeping down the half packet and dry food.

My CJ had lost a pound! He was 8.7 instead of his normal 9.5 Poor little guy.

They are doing better. Gabby got sick on the rug this morning. anway, I thought you guys might want an update.
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Poor kitties! I hope they are feeling better now! And don't blame yourself for not noticing! Your a great meowmie!
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