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please help my dying cat

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My beloved cat, Sgt Pepper, snuck out while in heat a few months back (yeah, I know, "should have gotten her fixed!" – but she went into heat while I was moving, and it wasn't an option at the time). Long story short, she got pregnant. Everything was moving, reluctantly, according to plan until yesterday morning, when her water broke, and I started preparing for the birth.

Which never happened.

More water came, and then blood started coming as well. This afternoon, I took her to the MSPCA, where they ran all sorts of tests on her, and determined that the large mass in her belly was not a bundle of squirming adorable kittens, like we all thought it was. It was a single nonkitten, which died very early in the pregnancy, and failed to miscarry through. The reason she's been getting bigger and bigger is because her body thinks she's still pregnant, and has been filling her uterus with fluid to counteract what's been a slowly-growing infection resulting from carrying around a dead baby. Her body, still convinced it was pregnant, is now going through sympathetic labor.

The diagnosis was simple: she may pass the unkitten, but her organs are irreparably destroyed. Without the fluid to buffer it, the nonbaby and the uterus both need to come out tomorrow, or the infection will turn to sepsis, and kill her by Monday.

Thankfully, she is merrily oblivious to all of this for the time being, but, according to the vets, by the time I need to rush her back there tomorrow morning, she won't be, and I need to get her there early to make sure she's strong enough to undergo surgery before bacteria poison her blood.



The vet said it would come out to be around $1,200. The thing is, I am a poor college student & don't have much money for vet bills and the like. I am trying everything to get money for her, but I was wondering if anyone could help by just sending me donations through paypal: aajackson86@yahoo.com


I would appreciate it so, so much.

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From the Mod Team Regarding Pleas for money:

Cats are a huge responsibility. Anyone who thinks otherwise, should not have one in their life. They are dependent on us for everything from providing a place to eat, to also providing vet care.

Anyone who has cats knows that they can and do get ill. Your best defense is to plan for that to happen before it does, and store monies away in preparation.

If you read about a plight of an animal on the internet and your heart is drawn to help. Check out the story thoroughly. Google the vet's name or call Directory Assistance in the city and be sure this is a legitimate claim.

Do not blindly send money into a paypal account no matter how heart-wrenching the story. Instead reach out to the member and ask for the vet's name and phone number, and arrange to send the money there for the specific needs of the cat in question.

If that information cannot be provided- you have your answer. Report the post to a moderator so that it can be removed for not being on the level.

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That is a very terrible story. It is really gross. Who is the vet?
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What a terrible situation! Above all - DO NOT LET THE CAT SUFFER!!! Remember, you must make the decision to help your friend, and the right thing to do is what keeps her from suffering!! I have had to choose PTS when I couldn't afford what else needed to be done, but sometimes even death is a welcome friend. No matter how hard it is on you, you MUST do what's best for your cat! Meanwhile, I will light a candle for her, that either you manage to get the funds, the vet make arrangements with you, or that you have the strength to follow through with difficult, although HUMANE decisions!! I'm sorry if I sound harsh - I really want you to know that I want to encourage you, and that I feel so very badly for both you & the cat, and for the little kitten died so soon, before he ever saw the light of day. Please keep us posted!
Hugs during this difficult time! Susan
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I have $7 to my name right now, so I can't help you... but if the vet has a human soul in him, he will do the surgery and let you pay over time. He may even have an arrangement with a financing company, and although such companies charge outrageous interest, it's worth it to save your kitty.

If the vet won't cooperate, try other vets...and also call every animal shelter and rescue group in your area to see what assistance they may be able to provide. Talk to people in pet supply shops -- they may know well-to-do animal lovers who would be happy to lend you the money interest-free.

Peace and comfort to your kitty, and a long life if at all possible...
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