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Yankee Candle Tarts

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I am going off on a slight vent about the cost of the candle tarts at the Yankee Candle store. In the past, I have always purchased the tarts at the store if your buy 12 it's 11.99. When I went to the store in September I was told "that special" did not exist anymore and it was $1.20 per tart. Today I went and filled up my basket with a few as normal, $1.59 per tart! I was amazed at the amount it had jumped in a period of three months. My sister was teasing me saying I would be one of those old ladies griping that something didn't cost the same as it did twelve years ago. Soooo....
I thought I would see what the cost of tarts were in your area from those who use them. Thanks!
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When I worked at hallmark 2 years ago I believe they were still $.99. I'm not sure though. I havn't bought any in a while. Before I had to quit (back injury) I stocked up good on yankee candles!
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As I told you I have banned myself from that store until I burn everything I have already bought but, when I bought a few last month, they were $1.20. I just checked their website, and they are $1.59. I bought a ton of votives about a month ago and they were around $1.20 also - they are now $1.69 on the website. Looks like they are raising their prices for Christmas.
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Those sound like crazy prices for candles!!, I just bought some from the buck store that were 30 for a dollar and they smell great. Sounds like you are paying for the name. for that kind of price they should be edible!!
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I'm not sure how much the tarts are, since I buy the actual candles. I know the votives are $1.99, or $1.60 for the unwrapped ones, so it seems a bit pricey to me that they are $1.59.

But here's a helpful hint: If you shop at an actual Yankee Candle store, be sure to sign up for their email coupons on the website. They have some great coupons! The first one I got was save $10 if you spend $20. Not hard to do there! The next one was save $15 if you spend $40. This last one was buy 2 Housewarmers and get one free.
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on post the tarts are about 89 or 99 cents.....
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Originally Posted by valanhb
I know the votives are $1.99, or $1.60 for the unwrapped ones,
That is way more than they are out here - even with the newly inflated prices on the website, it's $1.69 for the wrapped. I paid around $1.20 for the wrapped a little less than a month ago.
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Last I checked, they were $1.20 each. How very disappointing for them to raise their prices just in time for Christmas simply because they know they can get away with it.
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Im a cheapo, I buy Dollar Store Candles! Suprisingly, they smell just as good and are bigger candles!
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99 cents on base.
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I've switched to Gold Canyon Candles cause they are less expensive and frankly, their scent isn't as overpowering as Yankee Candles. My husband used to complain that the Yankee Candles gave him headaches.
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Have been staying away from buying candles until I have burnt more up!!
I will check on the price-that would be pretty sucky to raise the prices.
Can you use the 20% off coupons from Linen and Things on yankee candles??
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Gail - I don't have that store here. To top things off my local Hallmark store used to carry them and they quit. I'm stuck going to the actual store (better selection anyway)
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What good would the coupon be anyway-its only for one item!!
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