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Annual Awards show:)

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Well, we all made it back safe and sound. This weekend was a blast!! We all had a good time showing our cats and had a great time at the awards banquet. I am pretty excited about the awards we got this weekend. For the North Atlantic region Our Domestic Tinkerbell got #5 and Bridgette got #17. For the Munchkins which were a provisional breed at the time, Sammy (Alter) got 1st, Rhiann(kitten) got 1st, and her sister owned by our friend Jackie got 2nd. For whole cats, Purrty Girl got 1st.
For National awards, Tinkerbell got 7th, Sammy got 1st, Rhiann got a 1st, Maggie (Jackie's cat) got 5th, and Purrty Girl got 3rd.
I am pretty happy considering these guys went up against quite a few cats and most of them got best cat for the season.
I figured I would share a few pics from the evening
This is Rene, Fran, Irene, Kylee and I
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Ken, Kylee and I
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Congrats on all the awards too!
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Congrats on all the awards, Sandie. Sounds like you had a great time.
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I'm so glad you guys had a good time Its nice to see the pics too...that little Kylee is such a cutie I'm pleased to see that your kitties did so well too, you must be very proud Congrats!!
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Cute pics, and congratulations on your awards.
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Congrats on the awards! You must be so proud and excited.
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Sandie!!!! I LOVE the pictures!!! You have such a beautiful family! Kylee is a doll!!!

I am so happy to hear all your cats did so well!! Is that OUR Frannie in the picture with you? ( I recognize Rene ) What a great looking bunch! (I am still envious I can't be part of it )
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LOL, thanks for all the nice replies!! I am still trying to recover from the weekend. I got back late Sunday and then had to work from 8 to 630 tonight!!
Debby, that is "our" own Frannie in the picture. From left to right it's Irene(fran's mom),Kylee,Me,Rene, and Fran.
It is really fun to share the love of cat's with people. Some of them we only see once a month or so, so it's even more fun when you get to do something together. I think this year I am going to try my big boy Jack and maybe even crabby Tabby in the shows
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more! more! I wanna see more!
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I agree! Frannie, it is nice to put a face with the voice I talked to on the phone!
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Great pics! It looks like a great time was had by all. Your cats definately deserved the awards just knowing how much you love and care for them!
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Well that made me go check out your site ~ what cuties!!! I want that many kitties!
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