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Pooping out of litter box

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Hi everyone, I'm new here. My name is Heather, and I've got two kittens (almost cats) who are turning 6 months in a few weeks. Yes, they are due for neutering this month but have not been yet.

So, Garfield I have NEVER had a problem with. In fact, his only problem is that he's a little TOO much like Garfield!

Jazz on the other hand, I often say should have been called Spazz. He's just hyper and playful...BUT, lately (and this has been JUST in the last 3 weeks or so) he's been pooping outside of the litter box.

Now, this doesn't happen often. First time was when my mom was here babysitting my kids. He pooped at the bottom of the stairs. (this was the last week of October)

Second, I was helping my boy in the bathroom, Jazz jumped into the bathtub, looked right at me and pooped there! (this was last weekend)

Third, happened today (Nov 11). He went into my oldest son's room and pooped right behind his partially opened door (and we didn't know till he opened it all the way and smeared it on the carpet!

There has been NO new things going on, there is NO extra/added stress, and I don't see how, if it's sickness, it's only happening like once a week.

Any advice on how to handle it?


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There can be more than one reason. What you first need to do is discuss it with your vet to make certain nothing is physically wrong. Secondly, do you have separate litter boxes for your kitties? Do you scoop the poop out at least twice a day? Cats are so picky about their litter. Did you change little brands recently? I don't know if not being neutered yet has anything to do with it but I wouldn't be surprised. I know that some more knowledgeable members will post here I had this problem recently myself. I determined it was probably due to two reasons. His litter box is being shared so I make certain I check and scoop as frequently as humanly possible and I added some litter crystals and I think threw him off because they were scented. Why poop and not peeing? I have no idea and better left to be answered by the experts
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Thanks for replying....I was really wondering if it had anything to do with neutering too.

I'm feeding him better brand food (Iams) the same from when I first got him.

I'm using the same litter brand as when i first got him.

I do have seperate litter boxes, but they always choose to use the "comunal" one! (which I clean regularly)

I'm mostly worried about this, because I also have an in-home daycare, and I'm worried about the ... ickies I may have to face!

Thanks again, and I guess I'll just wait for others to come on and see what they have to say.
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