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kitten ran out & returned home!

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Hi guys:
A 5-month old kitten came to my doorstep 4 weeks ago. Reported to the local shelter/ pet clinics, but no one claimed him. So I made him welcome at my home, and since then he has only been indoors (and at the same time I have been leash training him at home). Yesterday was the big day--I took him outside on a leash. He pulled and struggle at one point, and I wasn't fast enough to reach and he got loose and RAN AWAY with the leash still on (literally running, very fast). We had an all-day "search and rescue" mission at the neighorhood and could not find him. I thought maybe he had gone home to where he was originally from, but at the same time I was afraid he would be run over by a car, or get strangled with the leash, etc. etc. And I also thought maybe the kitten wasn't happy at my home? Maybe my adult cat (which hisses at him all the time and attacked him when he got too near) made him feel unwelcome? Then at midnight, I heard a very familiar meow at my bedroom window, and there he was, safely home. We live in an apartment complex where the different sections look confusion even to humans, and that all the units look the same. I was so happy and amazed that he was able to find us. I have heard of stories of cats returning home--but they were adult cats who had been living with the owner for a very long time. But this kitten who had only been with us for 4 weeks found us! Cats (and even kittens) are really clever. I still wonder if he thought he was playing hide and seek yesterday...

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Well, I don't think you have to wonder if he likes his home. He answered that question when he came to the window. Glad he found his way home.
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That is too cute!
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Yay for happy endings!!!
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I am glad that you have had a happy ending!
What's the name of this smart little fella?
Might I suggest Einstein?
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Was he still wearing his leash??

He sounds like a keeper.
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I think you have officially been adopted!!

What a wonderful story. You hear too many times stories like that without happy endings. So how is the other cat reacting with Junior back at home??? It may take some time, but they will learn to live together, if not become fast friends.
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He still has his leash on and harness on when he came home. I am glad he didn't get strangled. His name is Buddy--I gave him this name because he is so friendly. He purrs when he sees me, and purrs when I am trimming his nails, purrs when the vet is shaving his butt (to look at a bite wound that he had when he first came to me), purrs in his carrier, purrs at everybody at the vet's office! Every evening when I come home, he would run (and I mean run!) to the door to greet me. He teaches me love. My older cat still doesn't like him, but it seems like he would never give up trying to make contact with her, even though he gets swiped by her quite a bit... I think it will take some time for her to understand he means no harm. Here is a picture of my Buddy:
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What a cool story -- and what a special kitty Buddy is! I bet he is so happy to be home
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What a sweetheart! You definitely have a keeper with Buddy!! And such a cutie, too.

Females are notoriously territorial, but I'm sure your girl will at least learn to put up with him. How can she resist his charms? I know he has won the hearts of everyone here!
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OMG!! I read this last week, and then last night, my cat did the same! He managed to open a very high basement window with a broken latch...sitting in the living room, I hear meowing at the glass door! He went out, and came right to the back door wanting in. I am so glad he didn't run off! What a scare though!

Oh, and we fixed the window ASAP!
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Awww...Buddy's so cute. I have a 2 kittens, and my female still doesn't like my girl mimi, but she likes the boy. I'm sure your older kittty will adjust to Buddy soon.
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