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Right after my 15 year old eats his stomach starts to make very loud noises.
This has never happened before.

He was diagnosed as diabetic but my new vet is considering that my cat may not be diabetic because he hasn't responded well to treatment with insulin.
[His blood glucose went all over the place, specially to low]. He believes my cat gets so stressed that his blood glucose has gone extremely high when Tom is at the vet and that made my other vet make a wrong diagnosis.

I have noticed the stomach grumbling ever since tom was first diagnosed as diabetic.
His diet has changed too.
But the grumbling is odd.. its very loud and it continues for a long time.

when I told a vet about it he didn't think much of it, but I wonder why this is happening.

could it be something I should worry about? or is it nothing?
if they decide to test tom to see whats happening, do you know what sort of tests check how his tummy works?