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Roo has me scared!

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Roo suddenly started running frantically back and forth, and every which way shaking her head and trying to scratch at her tumor, she was insistant on getting into my mom's bedroom (where she never goes) I finally got her calmed down and resting in the box she's been using these last few week.

I examined her head and her lump is growing, there is a new smaller one next to the existing one

I called my sister's cell phone because she had to go pay off the previous vet bill to expain what's happening with Roo. Luckily she's still close to the vets office because their phones aren't working.
The vet wants to see her at 6:00....I am scared for her but I don't want her to suffer through the whole weekend.
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Oh no Diane! Listen whatever happens were all here for you ok!
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Good Luck! Sending good vibes your way!
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oh Diane sweetheart, I am so sorry - I wish I could say more

please give Roo a special BIG hug from all of us - we are all thinking of you at this time. Be strong and brave - you have the world of cat lovers behind you & Roo
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I'm thinking of you and Roo---you're in my prayers. I hope everything turns out ok.
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More good vibes and prayers for Roo!
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My prayers are with you & sweet Roo.
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Thanks Susan, Abby'smom, Dan, Kelly,consumercity and Lei

Roo is now at the Rainbow Bridge

Her tumor had grown so much it was was wrapping around her skull and nose area. She was peacefully PTS. The vet said it was good that we got her there when we did because by Sunday or Monday she would have bled out

Thanks so much for all of the vibes and prayers, they have really meant so much through this difficult time.
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I'm so sorry. Words are hard to come by at a time like this. Thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Oh Gosh Diane,

I was hoping for a positive outcome here. Thank you for your love and care that you extended to Roo and for recognizing her life is special whether she is here in your life, or gone and in your heart-

Hugs during this difficult time-
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Oh Diane, I am so sorry. It would have caused her pain. I am glad she went peacefully. Mega hugs to you

Play and romp at The Bridge, Roo
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I am so so so so sorry.
I wish I could say more to you at this time, I wish I could find the words to make everything seem a little better - but I cant, I can only sit here and weep with you

she will forever be in your heart and she was such a brave little one

RIP Roo - you are going to be deeply missed
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You are in my thoughts and prayers, Diane. At least Roo doesn't have to suffer and he can play with the other RB kitties.
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Oh Diane, I am so sorry to hear about Roo. I know how much you loved her.

RIP Roo, and HUGE hugs and kisses coming your way Diane!
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I am very sorry to hear of Roo's passing. She can be at peace now with no pain at the RB.

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Sweet Roo, who was deeply love by so many, is now free of illness & pain.
You will be missed Roo.
You both will be in my prayers tonight Diane.
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OH, I'm so sorry for you and poor Roo. Thank goodness you were there for her at the end, and she knew love and peace and is free from pain. She'll be waiting for you at the RB, with all our other beautiful kitties.
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I'm so sorry Diane. At least she passed peacefully and is now free from pain. RIP Roo.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Roo was the original name of my siamese cat now named Viola so this thread caught my eye. RIP Roo.
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No, no, no! Roo, precious little baby, Roo! You had my heart when first I saw you, and oh how you and your Mommy have been in my prayers during this difficult time. You're such a strong, brave girl, and tonight, you are in Heaven, so happy and healthy, little angel!

Diane, you are so incredibly strong. You've shown Roo the ultimate love by unselfishly putting your feelings aside so that she may return to perfect health. My heart aches for you tonight as tears stream down my cheeks. You are most definitely in my prayers, Diane. May God give you peace and comfort in your shattered heart. You know just where I am when you feel like talking.
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I am so sorry to hear about Roo...
RIP sweet angel
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Oh I am so sorry! Poor sweet Roo! I know she is very happy now and not hurting. Stephanie said about what I am feeling for you both in my heart as well. I am just so sorry to hear this!
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I'm so sorry, Diane

Bless you for doing everything you could to keep her comfortable, and for being strong and helping her to go peacefully when the time came.

Sweet Roo, be at peace with the angels over the Bridge.
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Thanks so much everyone your comforting words

My sister and nephew took her to the vet, I had to stay home with my mother who is basically bedridden, I couldn't leave her alone.

I held Roo as much as I could before she left and gave her many kisses goodbye

Here is my favorite pic of my sweet girl

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What a beautiful girl with such a sweet face

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Diane....I know we have never met person to person, but I want you to know that my heart is aching for you. I`ve been praying for Roo and for you. I knew this day was coming but i`d hoped it would`nt be so soon. You love her so much...and she knew that....and you proved that to the fullest when you did this for her. Thanks you for not allowing her to suffer, even though your own heart and arms are aching now.
God loves you Diane, and He does care that you are hurting...and so do I. He will take care of Roo now. She is safe with Him.
Thank you for PM-ing me to let me know, and please do let me know how you are doing, will you? You are in my many thoughts and prayers.
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I'm so sorry.

Rest In Peace dear Roo.
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RIP Roo...
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Oh Diane i had a feeling you would be in here God love her the poor little mite Play happily over the bridge now Roo, your mum and everyone loved you so much
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