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A home for one of my cats? what do you think?

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I met a girl in my uni that has 9 dogs and 7 cats. We are becoming friends so she invited me over to her house and I got to meet all her kitties.

They are happy and I can see she takes good care of them.

I was thinking about asking her if she could adopt one of my cats [since I have to give them away].

the pro's and cons are:

  • she's affectionate with her cats
  • she takes good care of them
  • has several cats so she has experience
  • I can visit her to see how my cat is doing
  • she has a 10 year old cat which gives me the confidence my kitties might have a long and healthy life [its not something I can be sure of, but if the cat remains healthy its because they take care of them]

  • has 9 dogs, my cats have never been around dogs
  • one of her dogs is an indoor dog, the kitties don't mind the dog.
  • the cats are indoor but there's a cage joining a door to her backyard, they can go there if they want to lay in the sun.
  • my cats are not indoor
  • the cage isn't closed at the top, the cats can climb and leave the cage if they want to and then they come back
  • 2 cats have been injured because of all her dogs. Its only happen twice in 10 years but she got between the fight and saved them. Both kitties were relatively young - my cats are adults.
  • I don't know how my cat will get along with her cats.

I don't know what to do. Since the cats have their cage outside my kitty will like it and won't feel as trapped as if she was only indoors.

I love the way she treats animals. the con's list is longer but I'm having trouble giving my cats away and I find problems with future owners everywhere because I feel like no one can take better care of them than me.

Do you think its a good home? I'm worried about all the dogs.. I just don't know.
I haven't asked her yet and she might say no but I don't want to ask her until I'm sure.
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I would think that the 2 incidents with the dogs is a red flag. However, I've had 3 incidents with my dogs that hasn't been repeated since I constructed a penitentiary for the dogs and became very, very strict about my husband letting the dogs out, so maybe her situation will work, too.
Perhaps you could let her know your situation & ask her for suggestions. She may have a sister or know someone else who could give a better situation for your babies.
I'm sorry that you have to place any of your kitties - they are all so precious!!
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If you are really in a pinch then you might ask her if she can help you by temporarily fostering one of your cats. That might be more realistic than asking her to adopt permanently. But again, it depends on how desperate your situation is. Two dog attacks isn't a good thing but really, to only have two problems in ten years is not a bad track record at all considering everything that can possibly go wrong.

My biggest concern would be with how realistic it would be for someone with 9 dogs and 7 cats to add another resident to the household. It is a lot for anyone to manage, especially for a student who probably does not have a lot of money. I know from my experience being a student with a multi-cat household that just feeding everyone is a strain on the budget, never mind what I would do if someone needed emergency or long-term medical care. (Fortunately, my job offers a very substantial discount on all vet care, which has lowered my stress level significantly!) I would say that you should be prepared to offer to help her in some way if she does take one of your cats. You might do this by paying for the cat's food and litter and/or medical care, and/or by going to her place a few times a week to help with chores.
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Thanks for your replies.

I mentioned I had to give my cats away and she said she was so sorry but she didn't offer to adopt one. So I didn't offer her one either. She told me she knew some people that might be interested and I told her to please only offer my cats if she's sure they will be good owners.

Today my mom told me there's a man interested in keeping one of my cats. She met him when she went to her first painting class, he's the husband of the "teacher". So when I went to pick my mom up from the class she told me about this and told me the man is very interested in talking to me.

He has 6 cats and a dog, there house is big and I could tell they have enough money to add another cat to their family. He said he adopted a kitty that got kicked, that made me feel really good about this man because I can tell how much he likes animals.
He told me the kitty had neurological problems but after 3 months of vet visits his cat now is doing great, he only limps a bit.
I'm telling you about this kitty because if the cat was doing so badly, but this man decided to fight for the cats life instead of putting it to sleep it speaks volumes to me that he would never put a cat to sleep just because something is wrong with them.

I asked him about his dog.. he has a labrador thats incredibly sweet. He told me his dog has never hurt any of his cats, they are all used to him but he doesn't know if my cat will get used to the dog.
He told me his cats have even swated or hissed at the dog and he doesn't do anything to them.

I have a good feeling with this man, I could also tell he knew ALOT and I really mean ALOT about cats. He kept giving me facts about cats that I had no idea about and I already know a fair bit about cats.

He lives really close to my home [about 5 blocks away] and since my mom goes to a painting class at his home I could visit and see my cat.

I'm giving my kitty away tomorrow
I hope she can get used to her new home... I hope she ends up being happy... I hope she never forgets me...
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Hooray! Sounds like you have found a great new home for your cat! Hopefully, you will be able to visit her, although if she "moves on" it may be easier on her emotionally, since she will stop being lonely for you & your own special way of dealing with her. you are doing what is in her best interest, and even though it is hard on you, you have to trust in this wonderful situation just coming along like that.
Maybe you could put a post in the Cat Lounge after she leaves, just to get some support for making a tough but correct decision. I am happy for the cat, but I have great sympathy for you. Susan
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