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Question for those of you with birds

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Our niece (12) has requested a bigger cage for her two parakeets/budgies for Christmas. Would it be better to get one that is vertical, i.e., perhaps 5' or 6' high and 2'5"-3' wide, horizontal, or square? The birds are kept in her bedroom (her parents insist on that), where space is limited, so I'm tending towards a vertical cage, but I have no knowledge of what is best for parakeets. Does it absolutely have to be a "parakeet cage", or can I also get a big one designed for smaller birds, like finches? The parakeets are allowed to fly around her bedroom for three or four hours a day, but are otherwise confined to a cage that is about 14 by 26 inches (h/w).
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Parakeets aren't too terribly picky about space. Make sure that there is plenty of room in the cage for them to strecth their wings and climb around to get excercise when they aren't allowed out of the cage. As for the cage shape, I prefer the square cages over the tall ones because they seem to have more space for different perches and such but I think that both are fine as long as the birds have enough room to play. As long as you get a big enough cage for the birds, the shape dosen't really matter. Just whatever you do, don't get a round cage!!! Round cages are awful habitats for birds and have caused many to go crazy because they feel they don't have anywhere to hide! Corners make them feel more secure.

You don't have to buy a "parakeet" cage. Most of the cages that are marketed for specificly parakeets, are actually to small for them anyway. Just let your eye be the judge!
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Definately the longer the better! Birds fly horizontally, not vertically. I've had alot of birds for alot of years now. They are MUCH happier when they have flight room. This is especially important if she doesn't let them out very often. And they LOVE toys! Very important for them. Just be careful of bar spacing. No bigger the 1/2" for budgies.
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I spent hours today checking out cages online, and there simply aren't any "horizontal" ones available here (I live in Germany). Also, our niece has limited space in her bedroom, and her parents won't consider a cage anywhere else in the home. This seems to be the best I can get: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...MakeTrack=true
She does let them out for several hours a day, but otherwise they're confined to a cage that is 71 x 38 x 60.5 centimeters, which just seems too small.
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I have 3 budgies at the moment.. a green female I ahve had for about a year.. and then two new ones my grandmother gave me, because she got tired of the mess they make.

The new ones are actually in a cage made for a cockatiel. It works alright for them.. alot of space.. the white one is specifically a budgie cage.. fits 2 nicely. Possibly even three. The brassish colored one is the ockatiel cage.. it it would fit 4 or 5 budgies in it.. its a nice sized cage.. I don't have the exact measurements.

If all else fails.. you can go into a pet store and ask them for a large budgie cage or a cockatiel cage.

Good luck!

EDIT: The cage I see now is turned on the wrong size.. its longer than it looks. and I cut off the top of it as well.. it goes a bit higher.
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I was thinking along the lines of a cage like this:
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I think that would be a great cage for budgies!!! Well done!
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Max and Susi are currently in this cage
Should my niece put the smaller cage inside the larger one, once she gets it, so that they feel they have a safe place to retreat to?
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