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Hi -- I havent posted for a couple of weeks, and wanted to update on my situation with Bella and Trixie. As you know Trix was my new one -- 3yrs old female and friendly and my resident, Bella is a 7yr old female who is very mellow. The 4 week sllooow introduction went from bad to worse to unbearable as it started w/ hissing, swatting and avoidance to terrible fur flying cat fights several times per day.
At that point, Bella stopped eating and wouldnt come out of my bedroom and Trix was confused about what was wrong with her 'playmate'. After discussing it with my vet, I decided to find a new home for Trixie. 1 week later, she is with a friend of mine who is a wonderful kitty momma. And after 4 days, I heard she is doing wonderfully and really bonding with her new mom and home.

Bella on the other hand, has spent the last 4 days at the vet on IV fluids because her IBD meds were causing some fairly serious liver problems. My vet said that while Trix didnt cause her liver problems, the stress was why Bella went downhill so fast. He recommended keeping stress to a minimum from now on and in fact didnt want me visiting her so she wouldnt get excited/stressed seeing me. Bella is still at the vet, but if her blood chem panels come back normal today, she can maybe come home tonite!

So thanks for all the great advice and kitty love during the last month ordeal. I am sad that Trixie isnt my girl anymore, but am so happy that she and Bella will not have to be miserable anymore. And I am happy b/c they are happy.
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What a loving cat mom you are! It must have been very hard for you to give up your new baby to help Bella, but you did the right thing for both of them instead of doing what YOU wanted, which most people don't do.

I'm sure you're very aware of nutritional supplements that can help with IBD in kitties, but just in case you're not here's a link to an article you might find interesting: http://www.littlebigcat.com/index.ph...=show&item=011

Hope Bella's back to her mellow sweet self soon.

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Poor Bella! I think you definitely did the right thing as the stess was affecting her so badly. It's great that you knew someone caring to take Trixie! Hope Bella gets better soon.
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I'm so happy to hear Bella is getting better. Looks like she just likes being an "only cat". I'm sure you found Trixie a wonderful, loving home.

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Sympathies for having your sweet Bella in hospital; I am glad to know that she is going to pull through, though. Here's {{{prayers & vibes}}} for a speedy improvement in Bella's health, and for continued happiness for Trixie in her new situation! Susan
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It sounds like all is working out well for everybody concerned.
I hope you get to bring your baby home tonight.
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Thanks for all the sweet wishes you guys.
It helps alot. I heard Trixie is now sleeping on her new momma's pillow which she could never do with me b/c of Bella. I am soo happy for her and she is totally thriving with her new mommy.

Bella is still in the hospital (see my thread on IBD diet suggestions) but I am hopeful that with some research I have done on some natural remedies that maybe this is the end of her suffering with this, and she can finally feel better.
thanks all
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