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Lets play a little game...

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Just fill in the blank with anything...

My kitten(s) or cat(s) love(s) ____________________________________.
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Raw chicken
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Lettuce! (Gracie)
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Emmie-pestering me
Ashly-escaping into the garage
Quki-killing rodents
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Eating (of course) and Belly rubs!!!!!!!!!
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Pete Pete loves clicker training

The Boy loves ambushing his sisters (for which he usually pays dearly)

The Colonel loves snacks left on her cat shelves so she has to jump from one to the other to clean them all up

Odd loves the Cat Charmer & playing "baseball" with her toy mouse (you hold it up in front of her & she knocks it "out of the park")

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Tinkle balls, birds, turkey, ear rubs, sitting in my bedroom window, sleeping on me, feather dusters!, ...
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Pooing in the litterbox when I'm eating!
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I'll move this to the Lounge
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squirt- chicken and to play in the tub when the water drips
marbles- TOES especially when i'm asleep and strings
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My Kitties love sunbathing in the window.
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Sleeves loves:
His daddy's dinner, his mummy's bare feet (great things to chase), dripping taps, miaowing like he's being attacked when he doesnt have our full attention and cuddles
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