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Toilet Cry's

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My cat follows me everywhere, even to the toilet. Whenever I'm done using the toilet, I flush it and my cat will stand up with his 2 front paws on the seat and watch the water swirl down the drain. As he does this he will cry as he watches, its like he's worried that the water is going away and never coming back. Its quite funny to watch, but I'm curious if anyone else has seen this behavior or know what this behavior may mean. Thanks!
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I've had times where my cats will watch the toilet flush but now I put the seat down. I'm always worried they might start batting at whats in the toilet (gross!). I've never heard them cry during this but I think to them its intriguing and fun to watch.
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Perhaps he is doing the "hunting cry"...Joey, my Manx-mix is extra-talkative to objects as well as to people. Another site, "manxalot cuties", suggests that "talking" to objects is classic manx behavior, maybe it happens in other breeds, too.
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It is common behaviour - Persil used to do it but grew out of it. Now Napoleon watches the water flush down. I have to keep the lid closed too because Wellington tries to drink from the bowl.
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That's a new one to me. All three of mine run in terror when they hear the toilet flush. It is an old-style toilet that uses a lot of water and makes a lot of noise when it flushes. I do leave the lid down when the toilet is not in use, though, as Purdy used to drink out of it.
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