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Urinating in the wrong place!

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Hi, friends....

We have two cats. One is 13 and one is 11, and we have had the youngest since she was born.

For several years, in our old house and in our new house (We've been here over 2 years) the youngest, Dutchess (a Cornish Rex), has been urinating SOME OF THE TIME just next to the box.

We clean out the box at least five or six times a day...and for the last 6 months or so, I put down a bed pad under to box..to absorbe the urine...and when I clean the box, I also just throw away the soiled pad..A lot of time, just after I clean the box, she'll come in and ...still go on the pad! About 30 % of the time, she will go in the box.

We have taken her to the vet time and time again (there is nothing wrong with her internally and she does not have any kind of infection) and have tried many different things, all to no avail. So, we simply just accepted the fact that this is something she does, and thank our lucky stars that she goes next to the box and not in the middle of the living room! We have never yelled or punished her for this...If any of you have encountered this same problem and have any suggestions, any at all, please be kind enough to get in touch with me at cats2@erols.com.

We would be very appreciative and thankful for any and all suggestions.

Meow to you all...

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Hmmm...my 2 year old male cat does that too. I don't know why he does it. We put a big plastic tray under the litter box. Sorry, I don't have any good suggestions for you-you could try putting a little bit of citrus spray in the area she goesin, but not too much because that might discourage them from going in there at all...sorry I didn't have any better suggestions
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Thanks for answering. At least I know that I share the same problem with other folks. If you ever solve the problem....please remember me!


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did you by any chance recently change the type of kitty litter you use? if not, maybe you should try....maybe your cat has suddenly got sick of the litter...
or, maybe it's not cleaned often enough for her (even if you clean it every hour, she may just be getting finicky in her old age).
good luck!
steph, delph and josie
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I used to have one that would do that. When I added another box for her to choose from the problem stopped. I am not sure how often you change the litter all together and clean the pan but that may help too.
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I too had a cat who did this. She was a very big cat. After I finally had the idea to bring home a HUGE litter box (actually a rubbermaid storage container) for her to use, we never had another problem!
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I recently had a similar problem to yours. I had 2 kittens and an older cat at the time. The one kitten, Merridean, would usually urinate right beside the litter box! I asked my vet while I had them in for their vaccinations, and she said to maybe get another litter box, or I could try not cleaning it so much. You say you clean it 5 to 6 times a day? When you clean it, try to leave maybe one or two droppings inside. I think it's a scent thing that makes them not want to use the box. Maybe if the cat smells his/her scent in the litter, they'll feel safe to use it. I clean mine once a day, and the problem stopped.

Good luck!!
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