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Pet Adoption Center and The Tornado

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I was a bad girl and went rubber-necking through a couple of the areas hit by the tornado this past Sunday morning. But on a hunch, I headed to the Pet Adoption Center in Warrick County to see if they had been hit. Luckily their damage was minor but the businesses behind them were destroyed!. I mentioned The Cat Site and asked if there was a way we could help.

Dale informed me they were trying to start a medical fund to pay for the care of pets displaced by the tornado and they are sheltering. She expressed the fear that many may not be reclaimed by their owners or those caring for them. The fund would pay for heartworm tests, FeLV tests, Vaccines, spay/neuter and Revolution flea treatment. This is about $140 per animal.

If you are interested in helping, their website is www.petadoptioncenter.org. You can use their PayPal or send your donation to their address:
Pet Adoption Center
5722 Vann Road
PO Box 82
Newburgh, IN 47630
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Jan, thank you for letting us know about the pets! I have searching the news, and haven't heard anything about animals, except that sheep were injured in yesterday's Iowa tornado. I can't help out this month, but maybe next month, I can send something. I can and do pray that the message gets out to others who are able to make a positive difference! I can only imagine how awful it would be to lose your home and have no place to bring your pets with you. I have been blessed with a large, wonderful animal-loving family. When one of my uncles died, another uncle took in his dog - a person shouldn't have to worry, "What will happen to my furbabies, if something happens to me?". I have lit a candle for all those who lost home & pets during this episode of bad weather...
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Forgot to ad, yup, the website checks out in both Yellow Pages & Petfinders, as legit, so if anyone was interested in donating....
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I had heard so much on the news about help for the humans but just a couple of snippets about the pets.

Glad to know the website checks out. This facility is one of the stops for Indiana's Neuter Scooter. (I took Aristotle back in July.)
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I think that the NeuterScooter is such a great idea! It shows the world CAN be a better place - what a refreshing message during these times of gloom & doom
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