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Hello all. I am so glad to have found this site and forum.
My husband, daughter(14 months)and I live with
Harley, a silver/grey striped tabby who is 4 years old
Poteau, a black DSH who came to live with us via my sister in law. He is about 12 now and fighting a head cold.
Sierra, the little red rocket, who is our heeler/catahoula cross. She's 2 now.
We also have 5 members of an outside "tribe", Swirl, Scrambles, Hisser, Squirt and Yellow (or as we call him, Yeller!)
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Welcome, sounds like you have quite a family there!!!
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Welcome to the cat site!
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Hi! Welcome to the site.

With all those kitties around there is never a dull moment. And I'm sure that little girl of yours just loves them too!

Hope to see you posting!
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Hi RBJ and welcome! I look forward to your posts.
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Make that one inside cat as we said goodbye to Poteau this morning. He had about gotten over his head cold, but was not gaining any energy so I took him to the vet yesterday, (not our regular as he was out of town) and he was given more antibiotics. Anyway, the vet thought he would respond to new meds, but he didn't make it through the night. I hate it because I just knew if I git him back to the vet he would be okay. Thanks for letting me vent.
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Originally posted by dtolle
Welcome, sounds like you have quite a family there!!!
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