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People broth?

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Ok, so this is probably the least serious question of the day, but it has got me thinking.
We've noticed in our house a large preference for drinking the water that remains after we bathe. this includes bathtub water, shower water and this week included footbath water. The cats of our house seem to actually prefer and seek out these water sources. Sam will even go so far as waiting outside of our shower and licking the water droplets off the shower curtin and then our legs when we get out. Do you think our cats are just using us as a seasoning?
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My cat's and dog's do exactly the same thing...I don't know what it is that attracts them to this.
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I think they are fond of the swet (sp?). Our bodies are very salty and so the water gets a sort of salty taste which they would love I'm sure.
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My cat does that with the droplets of water in the bath and from the shower.
My mums puppy licks her legs when she gets out the shower or bath, and licks the paving slabs outside when its been raining which I think is hilarious.
Maybe its just anything other than drinking from their water bowls?
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