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Really good news......Goldie!

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I am soooooooooo happy right now!

My little feral momma (Goldie) purred up a storm when we had our 'pet fest' this morning. She is no longer flinching and cowering!

YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi, Debra. I just had to try a few blobs to match your happy message. Will you take Goldie in when she makes friends? I always ended up adopting and spaying/neutering the ones that were wandered here. For a few years everyone seemed to be dropping off kittens. One was only four weeks old and was raised by my mother collie. She still had blue eyes and was as black as coal. She had running diarrhea, which the vet said came from the shock of being taken away from mother and litter mates--also fright. My male collie just wouldn't be quiet that morning, so my young son went out and found the reason. That was my Pixie, one of the very special ones. I love all my animals, but it seems that one creeps just a bit farther into your heart. I have fed other feral animals, even neutered a stray, but there is a limit to how many a person can have. One young cat, about 7 months, was up a tree crying. She soon told me how much she wanted to stay, and after making numerous phone calls, we realized no one was advertising or knew where she belonged. Six weeks later, as Dennis the Menace once said, the cat fell apart, and there were 8! She had 7 kittens, one by caesarean section! She stayed, but she hated me. That's all right; she was a character, and she loved the kids. O, what fools we mortals are. Or is it "mortals be?" Well, you know what I mean.
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Jeanie - that is a nice story of your critters. They sound very special. And you dog! WOW!!!! Goldie has been here since last Christams. Thin as a rail and v-e-r-y afraid. She would eat but did not sleep on my property. Last April she had a litter in a neighbor's barn and when they were old enough, she brought them here. I set up shelter for her and the youngsters, made out of styrofoam coolers. Since then, she has hung around and after her second litter in august, she stayed. We have become distant partners since then. I placed a total of 10 kittens in all - (kept 2). She was trapped 3 weeks ago and has been inside with us in a kitty condo arrangement. I will keep her!!!!! What's one more - she will make 8.

I will love her and she can have her own feelings. We will be friends, but it will be on her terms!
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PS - BIG OLD FOOL HERE!!!!hehehehe
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My sister in Connecticut does NOT like cats, but she does admire their mothering skills. She noticed a mother cat had kittens in the remains of an old brick fireplace, a rather nice shelter at the back of her yard. (It wasn't in use!) Rather than see them go hungry, she put out scraps, rather reluctantly, but she didn't want to feel guilty. Neither mother nor kittens would associate with the family, so my sister stood in awe and watched mother cat take the kittens, one by one, and place each one on a different neighbor's back porch. They all got homes! And I always wondered who was wandering kittens on my property!!!!An unlikely villain--a smart mommy?
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Jeanie - it is that big old secret invisible to human eyes SIGN that the kits have placed on your house!

I have one too!
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