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I passed!!

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Ok this is really silly, but it's been SOOOO long since I had to sit any kind of exam. I sat my first Danish exam on the 3rd and I got my results last night - I passed! But not only that - I passed with the highest grade in the class!! WoooOo!
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Well done!!
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Good for you!!
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Wow, this is so super fantastic! Great job! Congratulations!
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Congratulations!! Great news!
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Congratulations, Emma! That's fantastic for you!!

Are there more exams to come?! I bet you'll pass them with flying colours too!

Are able to speak to Rune's family a lot better now?!
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congrats Emma!!!
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You smart Girl, you!
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Fantastic! Well done

Whenever I've seen Danish written down before I've always thought it must be incredibly hard to learn! How many more exams to go?
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Well done. It is especially nice when you have been away from education for awhile to do something good!
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Wow good job!!!!!
Was it a difficult language to learn??
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Congratulations, Good Job!!
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Very well done!!, congrats!
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Way to Go Dear Emma!!!!


this deserves a special dance for you!!! .................

and An evil laught from you!!! ..........................
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Congratulations, Emma!
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Congratulations Emma.
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Awesome. It feels great when you succeed in another language doesn't it.
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Congratulations! That is fantastic news!
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That's some achievement, Emma!!!!
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Congratulations Emma! Well done!
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WTG, Emma!
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Thankyou so much! It's so much fun learning a language that not many people speak (Even the Danes have trouble with it!) But it does sound really pretty
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