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Hi Everyone

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Hey, welll I am kinda new to this site, I have been to the forum about when cats passed away. I found this site the day we had to put 2 of cats today when I was looking for info on F.I.V. I now have only one cat left, his name is Mittens. I don't know why my sister named him that but he kinda looks like a skunk, but in a cute way. He is kinda lonely right now, but I think that he loves all the attention he gets since everyone feels bad for him! Well anyways I thought I would introduce me and my cat and say hi!
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Hi Allie
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Welcome to the site!

I'm very sorry to hear about your cats. I'm sure both you and Mittens can use the extra love and attention from each other right now. Cats have the most uncanny sense of when others need them.

Loves to Mittens from Trent and Ophelia, my two kitties.
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Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Mittens has adapted to becoming an only-cat. The bad news is that he is adapting a little too much. Okay, well maybe its not that bad, but he suddenly decided that he is the king of the house. It is pretty cute, although it does get annoying when he wakes us up in the middle of night because he wants to petted and refuses to leave. But I thought that I should just write and tell you all how it is going. Oh, and hi to the kittys!!!
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Sorry to hear about your one cat. Hopefully mittens will adjust soon, or maybe you'll get a friend for him? Welcome.
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