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DT for Sunday 3/10

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Goodmorning kitty kats!!! UGH, I am feeling yucky. Have a head cold and both my ears hurt! Oh my, it never ends. I had finally got both kids healthy again and now I get this. Man, its frustrating! Thankfully though I have no fever and I am not "bed ridden". Just a horrible cold w/ the headache, etc.

Anyway, David off today so we will probably go out shopping or something. He is only off one day a week for this month because the other manager he works with is on vacation. So we will be taking advantage of Sundays! I hate retail management sometimes!

I hope you all have a great Sunday.
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Daniela- your experience seems to be mirroring mine! My kids were both sick for over a week, they are now feeling better and I woke up with a sore throat and ears Bleck I hate being sick. i can't wait for warmer weather, it seems we all get sick less in the warmer months.

Today is going to be a lazy day for me..yesterday hubby and I took the kids for a nice long walk back into the woods to his families Cabin. Its directly beside a beautiful lake. The weather was sooo nice yesterday and it was very peacful in there. We had planned to stay overnight, but after we had been there for a while my hubby's nephew showed up with his gf- they had already planned to stay. We decided to make it another time. So, after having some Dinner, we hiked back out and took the kids to the park for a bit. I think we're all a little tired after that, so my biggest feat for the day will be driving to my Mom's for a visit later. Maybe going to the gym if I can gather up the energy...

Hope everyone has a great day!! :rainbow:
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Happy happy Sunday!

Today is laundry and bedroom cleaning and bill paying time! YUKKO! But I will feel better after all that is done. Ripley let me actually sleep in a bit today and I didn't see the light of day until 7 AM! Woo-Hoo!!!! He is such a hoot - my little 'love-bug'.

My little sister turns 42 today - now mind you that only mnakes me 29+

The weather is so different than yesterday - it was 60 - now 30 at best. No wonder we are all sick. I hope everyone has a good day and feels better.......

Shall we all eat ice cream and hot fudge later today? hmmmmmm tell me!!!!
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ahhhhh Sunday, the last day of the weekend Why do the weekends have to go so fast!?!?

I'm getting ready to head out of here and go do water aerobics at my gym. I love the water and love to swim and water aerobics are always fun. After that I'm going to just work out on the machines for awhile. I'm really looking forward to going.

I got a lot of stuff down yesterday, so I don't have much to do today, in terms of household chores. will probably take a walk in our woods (it's a gorgeous 65 degrees here) and maybe start a new book. Maybe watch Se7en on dvd. It's got all of the those cool little extras, deleted scenes, alternate endings...etc. That's my favorite part!

Hope you sick mommies feel better soon!
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Good morning!

I am SO sore from yesterday. We went skiing (finally!), but since my daughter is still learning we stuck to the beginner slopes for most of the day. The problem with them is that a good portion of the beginner slopes are fairly flat, so you end up having to push yourself along. Of course, my daughter wasn't too into having to work at skiing, so I had to PULL her along with my ski pole. Talk about a workout! She did really well, though, and towards the end of the day she was trying her skills out on the intermediate slopes. It was fun for us, too.

We are ALL sunburned badly ~ though we all know better, none of us even THOUGHT about using sun screen, and between the sun and the wind our faces are bright red (except where our sunglasses were... we look like racoons. )

Today I get to catch up on all the housework I've managed to avoid the past few days. Thankfully it shouldn't take too long, and I'll be able to relax and finish the book I'm reading.
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Racoons. huh? That must be a SIGHT! Hope you heal up quickly. It is funny, I never think of a sunburn in the winter time!
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LOL! Yeah, we look ridiculous. The GOOD thing is in this area, almost everyone has that look, so nobody really thinks anything about it (aside from thinking that at least they're not the ONLY ones that didn't use sunscreen on their last ski outing!). I'll admit, I actually like to have the color in my face ~ I was getting a bit pale! :laughing:
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We had a birthday party yesterday for my cousins' baby, then Jim took our daughter for an overnight. I still have 4 hours to myself, and plan to get some cleaning out of the way. It's hard to clean with a kid around, because as soon as one place is clean, she drags her toys there to play so it's not clean any more! I really miss her, though, between school and being with her dad. Until 2 weeks ago, she was with me 24/7 and I couldn't get him to even watch her so I could go clothes shopping. Very frustating.

I'm sorry you guys are sick. It's hard when you don't feel well with kids, because they really have no concept. Do what you have to, but if you get overwhelmed, just let it go and take care of yourself.

Debra, how amazing that your little sister is older than you!

Jin, I can just imagine your whole downtown filled with raccoon people. Too funny! We used to get the same effect sailing, back before sunblock was a thing. Remember when people used to oil themselves in an attempt to get darker? Funny how things change.

Enjoy your workout, AP, it sounds so healthy.
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Not much happening here today. Went to church & tonight going to my Mom's for dinner - that will be nice. Our washing machine broke yesterday (fortuantely on the last load of clothes). I have been looking on line at the different types. I hope i can talk the hubby to going out to look today because Sears is having a sale that ends today. He is not in a good mood though. He just went charging out of the house mumbling to himself. Oh well - & they say women are hormonal! I hope everyone else has a good rest of their day!
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Hi Ady! did your headache go away?

Allison, hope you enjoy your free time!

Welcome back Jin! Hope you had a wonderful time skiing! Sounds like your daughter really got the hang of it!
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Hey, Debra Meyers...

My 42nd B-day was on Sat. (3-9-60) being a Pisces is great....
I had a bummer of a day...that nasty winter storm gave northern Ohio 70 mile a hour winds and we lost power for 16+ hrs. House got chilly...fired up the Kerosene heater and started a fire in the fireplace.... so that made the house livable... "just"

Sounds like everyone had a better weekend...

On the plus side my birthday present was something I really wanted...Whirlpool's Duets (washer and dryer) they were on sale at Sears....
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