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help me i'm new

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my 4 year old tom cat supposedly has urinary tract infection & bladder problems, he received a full dose of antibiotics & now he's still peeing enery where BUT his litter box ( although occasinally he does) it's driving us crazy, the house stinks, the vet said it's normal & we should give him some time...any one can realte to that..cause now we're thinking that if he's cured & he's just spraying all around the house we'll have to give him away to a shelter...
P.S. please reply asap..we stopped the antibiotics a couple of days ago..
last but not least he's a very aggressive cat sometimes bit me twice & scratches like crazy sometimes too ( not always ) mostly after he mates ne suggestions why??
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Is he nuetered??? if not get that done asap it will help with spraying....

Have you bought new litter boxes??? some say that after a uti they associate the old box and smell with pain

Welcome to TCS...
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Originally Posted by mkhairy
P.S. please reply asap..we stopped the antibiotics a couple of days ago..last but not least he's a very aggressive cat sometimes bit me twice & scratches like crazy sometimes too ( not always ) mostly after he mates ne suggestions why??
Sounds like a neuter would help you a lot. Just do not expect instant results as testosterone will still be in his system for a bit after the neuter.
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It's because he isn't neutered. Please, please, PLEASE get him neutered and he will completely calm down. No more scratching, no more aggression, no more spraying and most importantly, no more mating. If he is intact and mating not only will he be almost impossible to keep as a pet, but he will father dozens and dozens of kittens, further adding to the problem of unwanted cats. In the end, neutering him is also the most economical way to go.
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Yah if he's mating thats your answer. Male unaltered cats can be EXTREMELY aggresive. They spray everywhere. Most all breeders have outdoor enclosures for their males becuase its pracically impossible to keep them in the house without them spraying everything.

As soon as he's neutered that should all go away. His hormones are going wild.
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Your cat should be neutered, that is primary and if you are picking him up right after he has mated, there is no wonder you are being bit and scratched.

Throw out your old litter pan and buy two new ones. Put just plain clay litter in the boxes nothing scented or fancy.

But please get your tomcat neutered.
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Oh and for the smell:
Zero Odor

I just received mine (the product came highly recommended from breeders). I have a queen that has not yet entered her first heat and already shes peeing everyhwere. I sprayed her favorite spots that smelled pretty bad of urine and wow! It smelled like a living room again! It also removes stains. I'm super impressed.

I think you can tell from all the responses....neutering will solve your problems and you will most likely have a pet again instead of a testosterone crazy male looking for the girls.
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hi, thanx a lot for your answer, & just to reassure u he only mates pure bread persians every month or so, thus the excessive unwanted kittens isn't our main problem ..the thing is i'm afraid that he might still spray & i'll feel guilty...i don't like the idea of neutering my pet to suit my needs??!!! i know it might sound stupid!!also the vet says that peeing outside the box is normal, & that given the right amount of time he'll become cured completely & return to his litterbox but we should wait b4 taking any hasty suggestions??
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If you don`t get him nuetered ,then you`ll probably still have the agression and peeing problems from time to time.
If you have him nutered , then after a couple of weeks, when his hormones settle down, so should he. Think of the favor it would be doing said if he does`nt stop then you`d have to take him to a getting nutered for him could literaly mean saving his life.
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Dumping this cat at a shelter may very well be a death sentence for him...if you don't want a cat who pees and sprays all over the house, do you think someone else will? The shelters are BUSTING at the seams with unwanted cats and kittens...many of whom are already altered and therefore more "adoptable" than an unaltered male who sprays, yet thousands of them are euthanized every single day. Adding your cat to that scene will either result in his eunthanisia, or the euthanasia of another cat who has been there waiting for a home and now got bumped because your cat came in to the shelter.

Get this cat nuetered...there is no need for more purebred Persians while there are tons of homeless Persians dying in shelters right now.
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Actually if your cat is a purebred persian then there is a good chance a shelter would adopt him out. But he wouldn't be adopted until AFTER he was neutered. So either way he would get neutered. If you want to keep him for breeding purposes then an outdoor enclosure where its easier to clean will most likely be your best bet. Most of the time males don't start spraying until a year and after so I doubt this problem will abate. Its only just now begun.

I know it might seem cruel to neuter but its really a simple procedure that is done all the time. The cat rebounds almost instantaneously. They actually become happier because they are no longer hormone driven. If he's currently not getting mated regularly then he is getting sexually frustrated. Breeders have to keep in mind when they get a male that they will have enough females to keep the male happy, otherwise he's miserable. So you might be doing him a service.

What you describe is the very reason why I won't house my own stud for a LONG time.

Edit: I hear the argument a lot - well I wouldn't want that done to me. But the fact is with a human male they would feel less masculine and psychologically incomplete. Cats do not feel this way after the surgery. The psychological factor is not there. They become really loving and tamer. They are willing to bond (particularly males) with a human because they don't have to keep hunting out the girls. They may not be able to talk out right, but they talk through their actions and they are very happy cats after being altered.
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Originally Posted by SolarityBengals
Actually if your cat is a purebred persian then there is a good chance a shelter would adopt him out.
This is not necessarily true. There are MANY urgent Persians and other exotics on death row in shelters - do a search on PetFinder and see (and these are just the ones that shelters have bothered to post) That is why there are breed-specifc rescues in hopes of saving just a few, but even so it is still not enough. And don't be fooled by the term "no-kill;" this means "no kill of adoptable" and every shelter has the right to define the term "adoptable," and it is most often very loosely defined. Shelters don't discrimate...what the deem as unadoptable can be the most generic "mutt" cat, or the most expensive purebred. If they have to choose between a mutt cat that is nuetered and personable or a purebred that is aggressive and sprays, chances are the mutt will be the one kept alive because he is more adoptable.

Truth of the matter is there are just far too many cats (and dogs) already in shelters searching for homes. Even if this cat is fortunate enough to find a home from your shelter, chances are another cat will die in his place.
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Solarity hit it right on the nose, and I thank her for such an excellent response. As far as your comment that excessive unwanted kittens are not your main problem, I couldn't disagree more. If your stud were not available for service, these kittens wouldn't be in the world.

If you have an unneutered Persian, he will spray. That is a given. He will also be aggressive at times, because that is just his hormones driving him. To keep him, you would have to do what other breeders do and build him his own place to hang out. If you neutered him, over time he could come into the house and hang out with you and not be a threat at all.

I always find it amazing that male cat owners stall about getting cats neutered. You aren't getting your honchos chopped off, he is. It takes him out of the running for testicular cancers and other unpleasant health issues, and in return you get a loving, wonderful cat to spend your days with. If you think it is necessary to bring more Persians into the world, I have to tell you you are sadly mistaken. Contact Persian Rescue and find out how many cats and kittens they get saddled with monthly to find homes for. It is a wake-up call to responsible cat owners and also cat breeders.
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i'de like to thank all members who answered me on such short notice, i've received a lot of usefull information i WILL neuter him as soon as he becomes better, i'm just not really comfortable with the decision religeously because i think i'm disfiguring god's creation but if i ever find a shelter that accepts ( which is impossible because i have only 3 shelters here & all said they'd rather take in stray hungry cats) i'm an egyptian living in cairo & we don't have that much animal shelters willing to take in spoiled persian probably he'll starve to death there neways so i think the neutering operation is the lesser of to evils & i've decided it's a must after all the responses i got..& i really do want a loving affectionate cat , not a money making stud...thank u all for welcoming me to the forum & i'll contact u all with ne new details
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You're doing the right thing, I promise! All good wishes to you and your kitty...
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