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Help! My kitty got out.

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Hi, I was wondering what are the earliest signs of a pregnant cat? I thought this would be the best place to ask this question. My cat got out and returned three days later. This was only her second heat and I had an appointment to get her fixed but she clawed her way out of my screen door, somehow without me noticing. I still want to get her fixed but don't have the heart to abort any kittens. Please give me any signs to look for that might help. Thank you.
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Take her in and get her spayed. Tell the vet you don't want to know any of the details, you just want your cat spayed.
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You really should have her spayed right away. Cats are not people and if it JUST happened you shouldn't worry. There is nothing wrong woth spaying her. It is not liike she is almost at the end of the pregnancy.

Most likely she IS pregnant because that is why she clawed her way through the screen. If you do go through with the pregnancy, you will then have multiple cats/kittens you have to spay AND vaccinate plus sooo many things can go wrong. The kittens could be sick, the mother could reject them, she could need a c-section, the male she mated with could have a disease, you may end up having to bottle feed all the babies every 2-4 hours for a few weeks. Of course it could be perfect and the babies could be fine, but then you have a whole litter you need to find GOOD homes for, plus the extra food you have to buy when the kittens get a bit older. They should be with the mother until like 10-12 weeks or so. And if you have never had a litter of kittens in your home before, THEY CAN DESTROY A ROOM IN NO TIME!! heh, i learned that the hard way...

Signs she IS pregnant, to answer your actual question, is increases hunger, large belly, less active, things like that. Take her to the vet to be taken care of. Whether you do have her spayed, or just checked for pregnancy and any diseases, please take her to the vet.
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What Hissy said is GREAT advice. What a good idea. That way you don't know what happened exactly, only that she is spayed!
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When I finally got Grizzly spayed after several litters I took her in about 1 month after the last litter of kitten were weaned. She however was pregnant!! I didn't know that she was -she didn't display any signs nor did my vet know she was pregnant until of course they started the surgery. They thought she was about 4 weeks-the surgery however because a bit riskier due to this-but it turned out well.
So don't delay in getting her spayed.
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