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Gucci is gone! (Juicy's brother)

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I am very sad, and angry, to tell you all this. I was very partial to Gucci, and if i had to choose a favorite out of the litter, it was him. However, I am SOOO thankful I kept Juicy, because he is the light of my life. Anyhow, Gucci was very special. He was the fluffiest, cutest little kitten I'd ever laid eyes on. Gucci was a bit slow, somewhat of an outcast to the others in the litter. He was always off in his own little world. I loved him sooooo much.

The day Gucci went to his new home, I had originally planned on giving them Juicy. They wanted Gucci, but so did I. So, I thought and thought, prayed and prayed, and decided to let them have Gucci. I decided to keep Juicy since he was the one that no one else wanted. I wanted to keep him because I knew that I would give him a wonderful life because he deserved it, not just because of his looks. Everyone else chose the others because they were all unique in their own ways. Juicy didn't really have any qualities that stood out to anyone. Gucci was only left as long as he was because i told people he wasn't available.

Sorry if this is confusing...it all sounded much better in my head.

Anyhow, Gucci went with a guy who my dad works with (Mike). He had a few small children and a new wife. They were a good family, with a good income and spoiled Gucci rotten.

However, life took a turn, and they soon divorced. She took Gucci with her and moved several times. She, as i am NOW finding out, did not take very good care of him and let him outside. Something that i made clear i did NOT want to happen to my kittens when I was finding people to adopt them. Had I known this was going on, I would have went to her house and taken Gucci back to live with me.

Emily (Mike's now "ex" wife) came by my work the other day and was like, "Did Mike tell you?" My heart SANK. With a somewhat mean tone, I asked her what she was talking about, because I knew what she was going to say. In a very sarcastic, unemotional (if that's even a word) tone, she explained to me that Gucci "somehow got out" and was hit by a car. They took him to the vet and found that he had internal bleeding and had to be put to sleep.

I was furious, needless to say. She has been back several times now, with her kids, and each time the kids say, "did your cat die yet? Gucci did." And with each time they say it, the meaner i get. I lashed back the other day and said, "Yes, Juicy is still alive and has MANY more years to live because I keep him inside where he is safe." (No offense to those who have outside cats.)

I think she was letting him out on purpose...the divorce ended badly and she was very bitter and she knew he loved the cat. I despise that lady.

Here are a few of the MANY pictures of my angel, Gucci. This has really torn me up, you guys.

My FAVORITE picture of Gucci:

Here is Gucci and Juicy together:

Here is Gucci and I:

Here are the most recent pictures I had of Gucci, when they first got married and brought him by so I could see him all grown up:

God rest his soul.

Thanks for listening, everyone.
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Rest in Peace Gucci. You were a beautiful little soul.
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Lacey, I don't even know what to say. . .

I know you've got to be so torn up right now.

Consider yourself hugged. I'm going to find Grace and hug her too.
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Thank you Heidi and Amie.
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Oh my gosh...how sad.
RIP sweet Gucci.
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Oh no. Gucci was by far my favourite little tyke of the litter! How sad Lacey.
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Aww, that is terrible!
I am so sorry!

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I'm so sorry. I know those kittens meant the world to you. You couldn't keep them all, so just know that you did the only thing that you could in giving them a great start out in life. I don't blame you for lashing out. I would be angry, too especially if the kids are old enough to know what they are saying.

RIP Gucci
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That is so sad, RIP sweet Gucci.
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I am so sorry. RIP Gucci.
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I am very sorry to hear about Gucci.
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Thank you so much everyone.

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Oh poor little Gucci.
I`m so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh my gosh, I can't believe it! I remember how you agonized over whether to keep Gucci or Juicy. I'm so sorry that it has ended this way.

RIP beautiful Gucci.
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That is terrible news. I am so sorry. Why is it always the innocent who suffer when there is a crisis in someone's life?
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Oh my goodness Lacey, what a little cherub Gucci is

This is so sad and it's understandable why your angry!. Give Juicy extra cuddles today

RIP Gucci Play happily over the bridge sweetie
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OMG!! That is terrible
Gucci, run free at RB, no more cruelty
RIP angel
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I'm so sorry Lacey!

RIP sweet Gucci
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I'm so sorry, Lacey. Sending hugs your way. RIP sweet Gucci.
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Thanks again, everyone. You are all so wonderful. I hate that he is gone, but he is in a better place now...I just wish that the "better place" meant he was at my house
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Oh, Lacy, I am so sorry to hear this. Run free sweet Gucci.
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My heart goes out to you. Gucci was such a beautiful cat. I would be furious, too.
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Dear Lacey:...
I have no words to express my deep consternation about this sad chapter of your life.......
but Certainly Gucci going to be on my prayers today for his little soul R.I.P......
I´m sorry Lacey!
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I am so sorry to hear this! I would be just as upset as you! I wish there were better words! I am so sorry! RIP little sweet Gucci!
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RIP little guy.
Im sorry for your sad heart. It is truely horrid when peoples disagrements with each other are taken out on the pets who love us all.
He was a beautiful cat.
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that's just heartbreaking! i can see why you're broken-up - something that could have so easily been prevented! i'd be upset, too to you - things will get better!
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Hi Lacey - I am new here. Your post tore me up. I am so, so sorry. Hang in there and know that Gucci is in a much better place.
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so sorry to read this! I agree with all you said about keeping your cat indoors!! that is why I have 11 INDOOR cats.....most of them are 12 years old.

I would be FURIOUS with that woman too! SHAME on her!!!

My heart goes out to you.
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This hit me so deeply, it's hard to write. RIP Gucci - he will watch over all the living kitties with his eternal spirit. I know it.
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Lacey - how tragic. Poor, poor little Gucci. You could not have known that his family life would turn into this, it makes it sadder still. RIP sweet little Gucci - you were such a handsome boy and will live on in your Lacey-meowmy's heart and all the hearts of your TCS family
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