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Help constipation issues!

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Hi! We have a 7week old kitten who has been constipated for two days now he cramps up and screams then shortly after he is fine (no bm at all), he is still active just not too interested in food, really I even tried to give him cow's milk but he is not that interested,,,,as some may know who I am this kitten is my little FCk one (bear, we call him).

I can't wait till they can find thier new homes this is rough, we work all day and then come home and try to figure out and moniter BM's!?? It is so confusing,,,I hope that I can remedy this at home.

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Sweetie, you don't give a kitten cow's milk because it binds the kitten up. Please get this kitten to a vet as quick as possible for some relief, and stop feeding cow's milk. Think about it this way- it is the only food that goes in liquid and comes out solid. A developing system of a kitten cannot keep up with that process
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Ok thank you!!!He really wasn't interested in the milk anyways. Thank good ness...I plan on checking things out with a vet.
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Hi I have a 7 week old kitten that has been experiencing being constipated for the last couple of days. What I have noticed that he is fart spraying poop now,,,nothing solid that is for sure, he must be getting relief b/c he will go and play right after,,,he has been constipated before just not this long. He eats minimally I am going to try and get ahold of a vet,,,we live in the country so I will have to figure out what to do...I have tried the oil stuff(abit)mixing it in with his food,,,from what I remember when my own kids were small and sometimes got constipated was that there is a hard stool in there and the liquid poop that comes out like a blow fish is what is around the hard poop,,,,(sorry to be graphic).
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Again, your kitten needs a vet. I hope you take the kitten in today to be seen.
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Hi this morning we took a trip to the vet and got some cat laxative stuff only have to use a wee amount for kitten and we also got a antibiotic b/c our kitty has been bummed up for 3 days, vet explained that we don't want the toxics to make him sicker,,,be on the safe side if things don't get better,,,but b/c things look like they are moving a bit we will try laxative and antibiotics for now. I'll only give it 24 hrs and if things don't improve back to the vet we will go.

So much fun!!!(NOT)!
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ok tonite I called the vet just b/c I wanted to make sure I was doing things right and I don't feel comfortable knowing that "bear" hasn't had a decent bm, he had feloxine (sp) ? and I gave him his antibiotic today also, but in talking with the vet this evening he suggested maybe I would want to try and give him an enema ...myself,,,he suggested 2cc's of mineral oil in a small syringe...this isn't something I am comfortable trying myself so then I call an emergency vet college and they stated wait till tomorrow (my original plan), but then if I decide to take him in, the minute we are in the door it is a 100.00 fee! Something that is just too exspensive week days m-f it is only 45.00?!!!

Anyways what do you think? has anyone given their kitten an enema by themselves?

Open to support here please be kind I am closed to tears
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Ok I am here again talkin about my little bear , we or shall I say, I couldn't take it anymore,,,I took little bear into the emergency small vet hospital and had him taken care of, what I mean he got his first and hopefully his last enema. The DMV medical staff absolutely gushed over him,,,I ended up having to wait in the waiting area while they did the deed on him. Thank Goodness because he (little bear) ended up putting up quite a stink!!! The dr's (one a 4th yr med student) brought him too me after and was chuckling . I assumed it was a pretty intense procedure...

The sad news is that after the complete check up they confirmed again (FCK) and also serious heart murmer 3-4/6, a congential defect. They stated that they would never probably do surgery on him and that his life expectancy is definately compromised. We don't really know how long he will live but we just have to make his life as comfortable as we can while we have him with us. The $130.00 that I ended up spending today is worth it and it makes me realize how much we really do love him,,,I was so trying to prepare for giving him to a new home soon but now we have confirmation on his health status he will live his life with us no matter how long or short it is and we will just have to deal with it when the time comes for him to go the kitty heaven

I have to give Thanks to this board with out it I am sure I would be in nut house.

Take care and good nite I am finally going to bed...zzzz
Pepperjack (mommy to lil' bear.)
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Oh my goodness I must be sleep deprived or something...this morning apon getting up and deciding to give the kitty his meds(Lactulose) I misread the label of dose it said (0.5 cc), I thought it said, (5cc's!!!!). As I procede with administering the first 3cc's and thinking to myself this seems like an awful lot, I read the label and OH NO!!!!!!!!!!immediately I panicked (again) and call the emergency spoke with the oncall DMV and explained my stupid this piont I am so closed to tears thinking the worse...the vet assured my nope he should be fine he will definately have diarrehea today and I don't need to adminster anymore (I was to give 0.5 x 3 a day). They assured me that he will be fine but I will see,,,this is tense and I know it is going to be a crappy day. (pardon the pun!).

The vet sort of chuckled and told me "good on yah for getting that much in him, that stuff taste aweful!", again reassured me he will be fine! We'll see I have a different opinion,,,and alot of guilt.
Thanks Pepperjack
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Good work!

The good news is that lactulose is actually a type of carbohydrate and not a medicine per se. He'll probably have a tummyache but it is not toxic.
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Hi! After little bear has been on the lacatose for a few days I am unsure whether or not he has had a normal BM. He still eats as normal and drinks but the concern that I have is that his bum looks wierd kinda swollen and white yet pink and I can't really tell where the anal opening is? His sister who hasn't been having any health issues butt looks so completly normal, Little Bear is active more so,and content only when I am checking him over does he get a little worked up. He has caught onto me coming at him to give him medicine or look at his "hiney end". I don't know how much more i can take of this...I put an ad in the local paper advertising these kittens,,,but honestly who would want our Little bear heart murmer and all? I really thought that I would be willing to keep him but I rather find him a home,,,i am worried that I am going to have to put him down soon if things don't improve.

Thanks any feedback welcomed...
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Does the Vet feel Bear's health is being jeopardized right now? Or do they feel that he is living a fairly normal life right now?
If he is spiraling down hill healthwise, you have to put his quality of life over his quantity.
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The vet feels he is doing good he is alert and all, as long as he is eating and desn't apear to be having "serious issues" he will be ok. His life span doesn't look like it will have the normal longivity of a normal cat. The reason I want to give himaway to a good home is b/c when his time comes to an end I don't think I could bear it all...

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Sorry to say,this is the hardest day...I can't stop crying...we had to put Little Bear down,,,nothing was getting better and the senior vet didn't recommend surgery due to everything else,,, I also put this in the Rainbow brigde crossing forum (more detailed.)

Thank you to all who posted and support us in our struggle...

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