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litterbox liners

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Has anyone used a litterbox liner, and if so what do you think of them? Would you recommend them and why? thanks.
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I can send you my box, LOL, I only used one. The cats would shred holes in the bottom, so it wasn't very helpful or neat when I tried to change the litter. I just put litter in the box, and when I change it, put a Glad bag around the box, dump, and voila! Clean kitty box.
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that's really funny! I was thinking about trying them only because i sometimes have a clump of litter stuck to the bottom and was looking for an easy way out instead of scrubbing with soap and water everytime I do a complete litter change. Thanks for your input!
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I put newspaper at the bottom of my litter boxes, and that seems to work good. I agree with Alicat613 on the Litter Liners: The cats tear the litter liner when trying to cover there stuff up.
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I have used them and my kitties also tore holes in them. I don't use a litter box, I use one of the deep Rubbermaid containers from Walmart now. And I also just put a trash bag over the top to empty. In my opinion, the liners would probably only be beneficial if your kitty was declawed ( which obviously I am against )
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heehee same here with Alicat, Vader, and dtolle -- holes in plastic. Only used one.
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Yep, made a worse mess because I was then also having to clean up shredded plastic.
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thanks everyone! I was in the store today and laughed when I saw the liners. I guess I'm just sticking to my normal litter box routine around here.
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Great in theory, that's about it - got a free trial one when I bought a litter box - the liner was in shreds in no time, what a mess.
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I also tried the trial one when I bought the litterbox. Not only did it get shredded, but even with the rubber band around the rim they managed to get the plastic liner IN the litterbox. Talk about really defeating the purpose!
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What a great idea!!! I'm going to try that one. My kitten Kiri always digs to China before she pees. Actually almost all of my cats seem to prefer peeing directly on the plastic bottom of the litterbox Whats up with that?!? :laughing:
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I have one of those REALLY deep covered boxes and have so much litter in there, they can't possibly reach the bottom!! :tounge2:

The other one, however, is the "sifting" kind, and the corners are almost always bare. They don't go there, just cover too vigorously. I always end up with litter sprayed everywhere (and sometimes little dried "presents" when they really get going)!!
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heehee Melissa my kitty digs to China too! but only for poopies. . .she just does a mini dig for the pees.

My other cat is much more of an exhibitionist -- doesn't even bother digging for the pees and doesn't cover them up. Only digs for the poops. I've even seen her walk across the street in broad daylight and pee on a neighbors lawn :tounge2:
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We use the litter liners, and while Orion does sometimes tear some holes in them, mostly they're okay, and we don't have a super deep box. We use the scoopable, so when it's finally time to refresh the whole batch, we just open up a second liner right next to the box, and put the first into that. Only once did he put such a big hole in it that we had a mess.

He's one that digs to China, too, but so far, we're pretty pleased with using the liners, since it's a little less messy for the big change, and then we only have to use a bleach wipe for a quick wipe down (since he invariably once a month puts his poopy bum right on the edge of the box).

Spring and Orion
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