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Calling crafty/creative TCSers!

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I need some ideas here! The office I work in is doing a fundraiser for our affiliated charity, Opportunity Society. We are participating in the March of the Trees at Grotto's (pizza place). We get a tree with lights to decorate and a box goes in front of our tree for donations through the Holiday season. Also the best tree gets an extra donation to the charity they are supporting.

Since we're using our own society we are making our tree themed towards our company and what we do. Essentially what we do is work with people with disabilies and other people who have barriers to employment to get them into sucessful positions. I teach clerical skills but we have people that mainly work in assessing skills and interest levels and place the people in jobs and what not. Here is what our website says "OCI, is an affiliate of the ServiceSource Network. As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, OCI offers rehabilitation and employment services to people with disabilities. It also offers outsourcing labor options to businesses and government agencies in a variety of fields, including packaging and assembly, food service, mail management, administrative services, warehousing, shipping and receiving, computer recycling, and logistics." We want to mainly focus on what we do in our office (the things I mentioned) since our tree is going in an area where we try to place people. Our other offices do different things and are farther away from where this is taking place.

So what I need is ideas on how to decorate the tree!!! So far we are thinking red, white, and some black since thoes are our company colors. We are thinking of getting plain balls and painting our logo on them. I'm already making stencils for that. Our other idea is to make our logo the "I Can Man" into our angel. The logo is basically just a red square with rounded corners and a white 'man' in it. The Angel will be the red square with wings comming out and a halo hanging on one corner of it. Does anyone have any ideas how I might manage to make that?

(I found a pic)

I would appreciate any ideas anyone can come up with! Especially if you can help me in my angel dillema. We will be making the decorations next week and putting them up the monday after that. Thanks!
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I know this sounds a bit off the wall, but why don't you get the people that you help to make something everytime they come in?!! It means that they can also promote the help that they've gained to others in the same situation!! I don't think they'd mind! Coming from someone who knows all sorts of disability

If you send me a PM, (it's late here in the UK now) I'll certainly come up with a design for you to use as an angel! I would LOVE to help you!

I'll have a think for other ideas for you too!
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What about making paper chains with I-C-A-N [logo] on the links?
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My students are going to help. I've asked them for suggestions and we'll make stuff together too.

I didn't find any wings tonight for my angel but I did find loose white feathers. I'm gonna hit some other crafty places tomorrow.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. I think a paper chain would be cute on the tree with the logo. I think we might even be able to make a chain from the man if we flip him from side to side?
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Could you possibly print this logo out either on heavier paper (more like lite cardboard and punch a hole on the top and hang with white or black ribbons??
Or-(this would be more work) print out just the "angel" on heavier white paper and glue it to heavier red paper and the punch the holes and use the white/black ribbon.
These wouldn't be too big -smaller than the size of a deck of cards??
I try to think of more ideas for you.
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