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Fell In!

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Hey...this has happened on more than one occasion, so I thought I'd post to see what you guys think.

When I've taken a bath, Liam will jump up on the side of the tub and act lke he wants a drink of water. I have picked him up, put a small bowl of fresh cool water on the floor for him, but he'll have nothing to do with it. So, he'll jump up on the side of the tub again and eventually, he'll fall in.

The last time, I was taking a bubble bath and I was so afraid that he'd end up eating the bubbles when he cleaned himself, I called the vet.

Is this normal? I don't mind him spending time with me in the tub, but I don't want him to be super scared of the water, etc.

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Sounds like he likes water!!!

Our boy used to get in the shower with us!!!
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It sounds like he's just a curious kitty who is interested in water. Mine always look over the edge. I would just be careful of him falling in that he doesn't drown or claw you. Keep a close eye on him when you are in there if he's allowed in. Also I would make sure to dry him as much as possble after his "swim".
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As long as he's in there voluntarily, I don't see a problem with it, although, I would make sure to rinse him off afterwards real good so the bubbles don't dry out his coat/skin... Oliver will occasionally stick his head in the shower, but since I've gotten a clear shower curtain with duckies on it, he just sits on the closed toilet (we his water dish that's usually in the empty tub goes when I'm in the shower) and he can make sure I'm alright from there.... I've only ever had time to take one bubble bath since moving into this apartment and I believe he slept through the whole thing on my bed, so I don't know how he'd be... but he still plays in the empty tub even though he knows he gets his baths in there!
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When my baby kitten fell in the bath I almost died!

I don't take baths but my Mum does and she knows to shut the cats out when the bath is unattended!

If you are in the bath with him then it should be fine
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Ya know my Tristan Persian does that. He hasn't fallen in yet though. When I take a bath he is right there, hops on the edge (it's a garden tub) and is entertained it seems. lol Cats can be so funny.
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My baby girl likes to sit on the side of the tub watching the shower water run until we get in it, then she runs away and meows.
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All of mine have fallen in the bath at some time. Usually that doesn't put them off wanting to sit on the edge though!
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does this mean you have to have cool baths incase the cat falls in?
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Leo likes to climb into the bath with me and he just kind of sits there, in the water. When the tub is almost done draining, he'll actually roll around in it, so I have to make sure I'm there to supervise until the tub is compltely drained and he's hopped out, so that I can towel him down and make sure his "swim" has had no ill-effects. If you're diligently supervising him, it should be fine.
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