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Possibly a new addition

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I think someone has dumped another kitty out here!

My son called me to look out the window today, saying he saw Cassie outside. I thought, "What? She can't be out there!!" (She's still penned in the barn for another week or so and doing quite well. )

Well, it wasn't Cassie. It's a beautiful, very small and probably young tortie. I took some food and walked out to the edge of the yard, trying to cajole her with it. She wouldn't get any closer than 15-20 feet of me, but she didn't run off, either. I left the food at the end of the sidewalk and came back inside to see what would happen.

She still hasn't eaten the food, but I did see her again, so she is still out there. This poor baby must be scared to death! She doesn't even look like she is a year old yet. Her markings are gorgeous, and I'm pretty sure I saw some fantastic green eyes. Hopefully, I'm going to be able to gain her trust and have her checked out by my vet. We really need to get her spayed if she's going to hang around out here, so I hope that she can be caught.

I'm sure that she's been dumped, as I've never seen her out here before today. I'll keep you all posted.
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I hope you can gain the trust of the cat and find out who she belongs to.
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Sounds like a little beauty! I hope you can capture her at least to see if she belongs to someone, and if not can at least get her fixed and offer her a new forever home or find her one. Let us know!
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Hopefully she has eaten some of the food, and hoping you can gain some trust from her...she sounds beautiful..I just love Torties..
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aaawww, poor frightened little thing!! That is so sad, but I am glad that you are looking out for the precious kitty. {{{Prayers & vibes}}} for a positive update very soon!! BTW, I love reading your posts because I enjoy looking at Sophie Grace and Perseus so very much ( I have wanted a ginger tom for about 7 years now, since my daughter's big orange tom named Scott crossed RB due to kidney disease, but all my rescues have shown up in just about every color but that. Oh, well, they are all beautiful, right! )
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