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Not Cat Related - VENT VENT

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Okay Thanksgiving is coming up soon. I always spend my holidays with my family. Well this year I have an online friend who is spending her time with me and will be here over the Thanksgiving holiday. She has a service dog for a condition that "sometimes" attacks her but not very often.

Well I have been informed by my own mother that she won't be spending Thanksgiving with me nor are we allowed to come up there and that she is just going to my Aunt's. I said well why don't we all just go to her house and we bring along food and such. Because my friend is here I have been informed that we are not invited this year to Thanksgiving and that we should just have it down here.

I'm extremely hurt by this. I think it is HIGHLY rude and I feel I've been pushed out of my family simply bc I have a friend here who has a service dog. It was mentioned that they didn't want this person there b/c we would talk about personal family things and they didn't want my friend to know about it.

I'm angry. I'm hurt. Am I wrong to feel this way?

Vent done for now.
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No you are not wrong!

Why is your family being like this? Its Thanksgiving!!! Shouldn't they be a bit more supportive?

Sorry you have to go through this!
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I don't blame you for being upset. Is somebody in your family phobic about strangers, dogs, or people with handicaps?
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I don't understand it. I just don't understand being so rude. All I know is I don't know if I'm even gonna be there for Christmas this year. But - I hope THEY have fun...without us...we'll just celebrate down here with a big dinner.
But it hurts.
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I don't think anyone is phobic, jcat. I think it's just plain rudeness on my mothers part. It was mentioned that my aunt was worried she might have a seizure or something while there. But that was just ONE thing that was said - I believe the bottom line is my mother doesn't want to deal with meeting someone new and her BF would have a fit with a dog in the house.
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I wish people would get educated that service dogs are usually extremely well behaved. There is guy who has a case pending at my court with a seizure dog, and you would hardly know it was there, it's so quiet. He had it next to him while in front of the judge, and it just laid down and took a nap! In my fam, all are welcome. This year my aunt's mother in law, my cousins roomate, and my wacky MIL are all coming! My MIL isn't going to her family's this year due to a family feud. I'm just as happy not to have to split my time up between 2 places.
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I agree. This dog is extremely well behaved and his favorite place here at my house is the couch! LOL He just lays there and sleeps.

All I know is I'm just angry and do NOT feel like speaking to my Mother.
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Don't blame you!!!

You should have your friend round to your place (and the dog of course ) and have a good time together!!
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Yep. We are gonna have fun for sure!
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That's sad! but I hope you and your friend have a good thanksgiving togther! Have you met before?
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NO we haven't. We've corresponded over the years. She decided to come for a visit and we are having a good time.

I wish my other friend (who is on here) could come visit me. **hint hint** But I know she'd have to lug along ALL her feline friends. LOL

But yep we will have a nice family Thanksgiving here.
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psssshhh i know your talking about me! LOL you know Steve would DIE! if I left him home alone with the feline and canine.
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Not wrong! Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for what you have, and if you can help someone who doesn't have anywhere to go for the holidays, it's a NICE thing to do, not a burden to others! That's how your mom should look at it! Can't your family air their dirty laundry another time?? Something so small should not impose on your precious family time. What if this were one of your family member's last Thanksgivings, they just don't know it yet, and your mom chose to forgo the get together just because you're bringing a friend? Sorry, I guess ranting is contagious!! I'm on your side!
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Who me?? Talking about YOU??? Now would I do a thing like that?!?!?!

Ha Ha you KNOW I would.

Yeah Steve would have a moo-moo over being in charge of the animals. HOwever, the offer stands - you know you are welcome here anytime!

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Thanks Shannon and I agree. I totally agree!!! We can talk about personal stuff any other time. Besides with ALL the children gonna be around? lol We'll be busy.
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That's a shame. We usually go to one of my hubby's sisters houses for Thanksgiving. they take turns and when my nieces and nephews were younger one of them would bring a new girlfriend or boyfriend and get subjected to all of us!!
To bad you couldn't have appeared for coffee and dessert at least.
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Gail I agree that it's a shame. Honestly, I am ashamed of my mother right now. I was never raised to behave in such a manner and this coming from my mother! So I'm pretty stunned and hurt.

But we'll have a good time here anyway.
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Originally Posted by fluffysimba
Who me?? Talking about YOU??? Now would I do a thing like that?!?!?!

Ha Ha you KNOW I would.

Yeah Steve would have a moo-moo over being in charge of the animals. HOwever, the offer stands - you know you are welcome here anytime!


If i can get him schooled in the art of careing for everyone lol..I will
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