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Fat on cats?

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When I touch my kittens' fur I noticed alot of fat comes up.
Its mostly on the back of their neck. I pluck it and alot of skin comes up.
Is this normal?
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Yup. Kittens sort of grow into their skin. Now, the question is, does that flap of skin STAY up when you pull it or does it snap back into place quickly?
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I dont know. I give them water once a week...

Hehe. Joking.

It almost instantly comes back down. They have water available at all times.
So its normal to have this big chunk of skin just come right up?
Is it "baby" fat?
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Diesel looks like he has masses of skin just falling off him!!! But he'll just grow into it eventually!!
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Off the topic, but another thing is that the area under their eyes is black. Is this normal?
They look like Vietnam soldiers...
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Can you post a pic? Its a bit hard without actually seeing it!
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I don't have any of it. It happened recently, their face changed a bit. It became darker.
I'll try to get a pic of it ASAP.
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It is most likely just their markings coming through a bit more clearly.

But get us a shot anyways so we can have a look.
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they have to have that loose skin on their necks in order for mom to pick them up then they grow into it.

as for the coloring, most animals get darker or lighter or have new or disappearing markings as they grow.

i had two black kittens, and one of them has patches of white and grey growing in.
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Yeah, it's really funny. Kittens go through a phase where it's as if they are wearing clothes that are too big for them.
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