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No, I am not talking about a cat that has its leg amputated, but a former member here.

I spoke with Darlene last night on the phone after receiving a concerned PM from Mr. Cat Hi Joe!

At any rate, I decided to see if I could track down Darlene which I did thanks to Deb- and I called her.

Darlene is quite ill. She had a gastric bypass in March and lost 200 pounds fairly quickly. But when they rehabbed her, they put her in a nursing home, where they essentially ignored her rehab and made her life miserable by drugging her and keeping her goofy. She has no muscle control now and is bedridden.

Those of you who remember funny, fiesty Darlene- please lift her in prayer will you? She's never had the easiest of lives, but now it sounds like it has really gotten very tough for her-
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I don't know Darlene, but to be a great friend of TCS, she certainly deserves the board magic!

I hope that you feel incredibly better very soon and just to let you know that you will be in my thoughts!

Sending the Angels your way!

I truely wish for you to get well and come to meet all of us mad new members here at TCS!! We certainly need someone like you to keep us going!

Please know that we are all thinking of you!
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Darlene - I never met you at TCS but I'm sending you healing vibes from across the ocean
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I don't remember Darlene, but if she's someone so dear to TCS, then she must be a great person. Please, let her recover soon.
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I will add Darlene to my nightly prayers.
Thank you for letting us know MA.
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I do not know Darlene either-but I will pray for her
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Add some more prayers from this quarter. What a horrible situation!
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That was so kind of you to check on her & post about her, MA. Thank you

Darlene, you are in my prayers - I pray good health will be returned to you, and that you'll be given comfort through this difficult time
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I don't know Darlene - but once a member of the TCS family - always a member. I'll be keeping her in my thoughts and wishing her back in the best of health soon.

We are thinking of you Darlene.
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Darlene will be in my thoughts.
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What a tragic experience for poor Darlene. I wish her a speedy recovery.
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Darlene is in my thoughts and prayers. Bless her heart!!! I pray she gets the care she deserves so she can get well soon!

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The poor lady! I am adding my prayers for Darlene!
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I remember Darlene! I am thinking and pulling for her!!!!
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Darlene is a TCS golden oldie. MA's right. She never did have an easy life, but she never, ever forgot her sense of humor and kept us all laughing on the boards. Get well, my friend, and come see us.
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Oh poor Darlene. I remember meeting her once or twice on the boards. I will keep her in my thoughts.
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I remember her too. I'll definitely keep her in my thoughts, and hope for her quick recovery - well, as quick as possible considering all she's been through.
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Oh, no! Her posts were always so nice. I hope she will be ok. She will be in my prayers as well.
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Sending more healing vibes!
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I never met Darlene either - but she sounds like a wonderful person.

Darlene will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Darlene will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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What a situation to be in after this type of surgery.
I don't think I know her but I think she deserves some special TCS board vibes!!
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