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hairball issues (I think)

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Seamus seems to be trying to cough up what I believe is a hairball, but instead of bringing it up, he keeps swallowing it back down. This has been going on off and on since last wknd, although not everyday. The week before he had a couple of incidents of actual vomitting, usually right after eating his canned food, and there was some hair mixed in (I should note also, that he only threw up after eating the Nutro Max brand which has a chunkier consistency, but seems to be fine with the mushier Iams). Now, though, it appears that he's resisting bringing up whatever his body is trying to expel. It's frustrating because I know he'll feel so much better if he just lets himself get rid of it. I bought some hair ball remedy at the pet store that I've given him a couple of times this week. Unfortunately all this dry heaving seems to be making his throat sore. In the last couple of days I've noticed that every now and then he swallows hard/gulps like his throat is irritated and sometimes he sounds a little bit hoarse when he meows. Otherwise he's eating, drinking, going to bathroom and playing like normal. He doesn't act sick at all. I haven't noticed any other signs to indicate a URI either like sneezing or mucus. Does anyone have any advice or have a cat that resists coughing up hairballs? Should I just persist with the hairball remedy and hope that does the trick? I haven't been giving it to him everyday, only a couple of times so far. Any advice is appreciated.
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Poor baby. I would definately take him in for a vet visit since it's been going on for days now. Let us know what the Dr. says!! Good luck!
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Are you sure its hairballs? He might be coughing. If he puts his head down and straightens out his neck there a good chance its coughing. You should take him to the vet and let them know whats going on. If you cant then at least call them. Remember that cats can hide sickness very very well.
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time for a vet ...
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Hmmm...yes, I was thinking a vet visit would be necessary if this keeps up. Unfortunately this is terrible timing as I'm going out of town tomorrow, back on Sunday night, but then away again on business at the end of next week. I'll call in the morning, though. The lady who watches him while I'm away is a vet tech, though, so I'll definitely mention it to her and ask her to keep a close eye on him this wknd.
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