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New Cat

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Hi. My name is Chantelle and I live in Surrey BC Canada with my 5 cats, my dog, my fish, my sister and my brothers. My sister goes on here as Tasha153, so you probably know all about my kitties, but i'll introduce them again!

Tigger-Will be 2 tomorrow, DSH, male
Twinkles-9, Calico, Female
Pepper-11 months old, Havana cross, male
Vader-9 month old Bombay/Siamese
Mimi-8 month old Snowshoe Female!

I post quite a bit already under my sisters name. I thought I'd make my own user name, so it doesn't confuse people about who's posting!
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Hi Chantelle!!!
I thought I noticed a difference in some of Tasha's posts...and now I know why!!! Welcome to The Cat Site and I hope to see you posting here often!!!

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Welcome to our cat party! You will enjoy spending time here. You and Tasha do have a house full of critters!
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Happy birthday to Tigger! (I sent Birthday greetings in The Cat Lounge, but doesn't ever hurt to double wish!)

Looking forward to your future posts. With all those critters around you must never have a dull moment!
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Hi and welcome! Keep posting so we can get to know you.
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