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What is with our cats these days?

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Ashly escaped into the garage yesterday morning and we havn't seen her since. I'm getting real tired of my escape artists. I just don't understand how a messy cold garage could compare to a nice warm home. I'll be needing vibes that she's still in there and will come inside soon.
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Oh, Ashly, please come back! It is so hard not to worry when you are not sure if they are safe!
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Thank you for your concerne Beckiboo. Ashly showed up in my backyard this eve, lord knows how she got there but she is now safely inside.
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Glad she is back home. I'm so happy my little man, Lonestar is now allowed outside. It is so delightful to watch him romping in the grass!
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Its called the grass is always greener - Literally in this case!!!

I'm glad she came back!
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Our Toby used to escape into the garage and would run and dodge under the vehicles to try to keep me from catching him....and I was always terrified that one of the cars might have leaked antifreese and he`d get into it...so as soon as I caught him I`d bring him in and wash his feet so he would`nt lick them...just in case.
Then one time he dashed out and there was a snow shovel sitting against the wall, so I grabbed it and started dragging it accross the cement floor...what an awful noise! Let me tell you he headed straight for the kitchen door and has not ever tried it again. I think he thinks there is a hedious monster lurking out there...and I`m glad!!!
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Some of my cats like using the great outdoors as their litter box-2 want out 1st thing in the morning and then are in a few minutes later. Bobber has been staying out or wants to go out more but she is hunting-she brough home 3 mice this week and tried to go in the house with them-the last mouse was still moving.
But colder weather is on its way so they won't want to stay out as long-they like sleeping in the family room by the wood stove.
But I agree that the cats do like the garage-I'll all the door's shut and they lay on the rug in front of the door to the kitchen. Have no clue why though!!
Glad your kitty is back!!
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