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swollen breasts?

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The breasts on my 8 month old kitten have started to swell up within the past week. She has been spayed, so i kinda figured that she wouldnt go through these things. Is this natural? I really dont know how to describe this any better so if you need any more info, just let me know. Thanks everyone (again!)

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I really don't know why that is happening...I would think that would only occur if she were pregnant but since she's spayed I'm bewildered. Maybe they did the spay wrong????? I'm would call the vet and see what he/she says? I don't think that should happen. let me know what the vet says.
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Does she ever go outside? Did she display behavior common to in-season cats a few weeks ago?

It's extremely rare, but not unheard of, that a spay in not performed properly, leaving the cat still able to reproduce. This can especially occur if your vet only removes the ovaries, and a remnant of one of the ovaries is left behind (most vets remove the ovaries and the uterus). Again, extremely rare, but it has happened. It is more common in low-cost spay/neuter clinics.

This is in no way on commentary - they operate under different conditions and budgets than a full-service vet therefore mistakes sometimes will happen, but I fully support, financially and in spirit, low-cost spay-neuter clinics! Sorry for that little thread hijack there!
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She has never been outside, but we do have another boy cat in the apartment. He has not been neutered for the simple fact that our vet charges $350+ for the procedure. We've been meaning to do it, but the cost is a lot for us.

Now that i look at her, though, it seems like the only breasts that are swollen are the two near her back legs. So i don't know if she has just gotten fat and those in the rear are more prominent than the other ones.

I dont understand girls at all, let alone girl kitties.
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Gee, ldunbar, a neuter around her costs about $50. Do you live in the wilderness with only one vet for miles and miles and miles and miles?

Cats do tend to get "poochy" tummies, and it tends to hang right in front of their back legs, so that's probably it.
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well, the spay itself was about 120 bucks, but then there was the stay overnight, various shots and other things. The grand total did come out to be about $315.

I'll try to keep an eye on it. How would we be able to tell if she was pregnant? Thanks again.
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I think that vet is trying to screw you. My cats have never stayed overnight for a spay or neuter. A spay is much more involved and invasive, and usually we drop the kitty off in the am around 8 and pick up is at 4 or 5 the same day. This costs tops $60 dollars, and there are also low cost clinics that will do it cheaper to help get all animals fixed. A neuter doesn't even involve stitches. The whole process takes about an hour, but they'll usually want to keep kitty there a bit longer for observation. Talk to your local pound and humane society about other options. Maybe it's his hormones that are causing her a 'fake pregnancy'.
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Yeah, I have to agree. I know alot of people on the various cat boards have said their cats also stay overnight after a spay, but once they are awake from the anesthetic there's no real reason a cat has to stick around, and they are usually awake within a few hours. I have also always felt that a cat is more comfortable recovering at home. Since I used to be involved in rescues and TNRs, as well as having had lots of my own cats, I have probably been involved in about 20 spays, and none of them stayed overnight or had any kind of complication. So if money is a factor, tell your vet you'll pick her up that same day. EVEN SO, the boarding fee is generally $10-20, so even staying overnight does not account for it. My costs for inintial exam, spay, and shots generally is around $120, so even if they stayed overnight, it still would not top $150.

I think maybe another vet is in order too, especially since the cost is so high your cats are going without medical care.
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I have to agree with the previous replies. I think it is time for a new vet. The procedure to neuter a male is really simple, and should definitely NOT be more expensive than spaying a female. Just a couple of snips and they're done. No stitches or anything.

I don't know about your little girl. I would seriously consider getting her checked out by a different vet. Just my opinion, but the other one doesn't sound all that trustworthy.
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