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My sink is plugged

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Okay... of all the silly things I've done this is one on the top. I poured wax in my sink.....

Now its clogged. I've done draino.... hot water and this really harsh drain cleaner... and its still clogged up. I have a disposal on one end and the regular drain on the other.

Before I knew it was clogged I tried to put some asparagus down the disposal side and it came up in the other.... all chopped up.... and of course it sprayed ALL over.

Anyone know what else I can do short of calling the plumber???

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Boil some water and while its still boiling pour it down the drain while the disposal is running
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I tried that. I boiled water in the tea kettle. It all just comes back up on the other side of the sink!!! I don't get it. I did 2 kettles. Shouldn't it have melted by now!!???
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Hmmm....Call a home repair store like Home Depot or Lowes. Maybe they will have some advice or maybe a product that will help
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I had to call an emergency plumber. He's supposed to come sometime today. He's going to call at work 15 minutes before getting to my home so I can get there to let him in.

Before I left I tried the hot water and running the disposal and the water backed up into both sides of the sink and wouldn't drain AT ALL

Rut Roh
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Uh oh, That's not good... Hopefully he can fix it
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Thats not good...I hope that your plumber can help you out-you will have to let us know what he did to fix it!
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