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another moving question

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My kitty's 14 yrs old and I'm 21 and ready to move out. Is she going to accept the move with me or get depressed ?? I have already left home for about a month and my mother said she didn't eat while I was gone so I'm not sure what to do ... can anyone give some advice ?
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Confused... were you planning to take her with you - "Is she going to accept the move 'with' me"... IF you take her, make very sure the new place is all prepped with her stuff, box, etc. and windows closed before you bring her in, but if not, how often can you visit? BTW, lots of cats appear not to eat at times, but somehow survive just fine. They DO eat, but just don't let you see it. Might be a good idea though to leave a pair of your socks (unwashed!) near her dish for a few days.
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It mainly depends on how bonded your cat is with you versus your parents. My family has a cat that was bonded (spent lots of time with) my brother and my mom. When my brother left for college, she was very needy and always wanted attention from whoever would give it to her. When I left for college, she didn't really care because she wasn't bonded with me.

Also, beware of a cat not eating. It can cause hepatic lipidosis. Undereating requires a vet visit within a few days, and not eating at all needs to be looked at by a vet as soon as it is noticed.
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I'm sorry, I got side tracked ... she would be coming with me to the new place. I understand her needing all of her things arranged before she gets there and that I'll have to get a harness if I want her to be comfortable outside and do that bit for awhile. My whole concern is her eating. I'm not sure if she'll have the same problem since I'll be there with her as well. When I left home the first time, she was not with me and we share a very unique bond together. We found her when I was 7 years old and as a little girl, I prayed every night for my own kitty until we found her. We have literally grown up together and we sleep together, my room is OUR room. Which all that will have to change as well. I would probably be moving in with my boyfriend so we would be sharing a room and bed. Anyways, too make it short, I don't want to move if my cat will not adjust happily.
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anyone have any other advice now that i cleared things up a little more ?????
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I'm sure she will adjust just fine as long as you give her lots of love and attention at the new place - The most important thing is that you will be there.

Make sure when you move her, that you have a few items of clothing with your smell on that she can have in the room you introduce her to first. I would confine her to one room for a day or so, and then let her explore the rest of the house when she has settled in a bit.
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