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Eeyore is missing-Canada

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My sisters cat was an outdoor/indoor cat but has been gone for almost a week we called shelters in our area and checked online we are going to put up flyers ASAP! were could he be If anyone saw him can they please pm me we live in Canada Ontario In Delhi (thats near simcoe and Tilsenburg) thanx alot
here are some pics of the handsome.

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{{{Prayers & vibes}}} coming your way for Eeyore's safe return! Please make your sis a cup of tea for me & tell her that I am sorry that she is going through this terrible time! I am hoping that maybe he followed some schoolchild home, or found some other comfy situation that has delayed his return. Eeyore COME HOME!!! Your family is missing you terribly!! BTW, don't give up hope! He might have gotten spooked by a dog or something, and wandered out of his territory, and may have trouble getting back. Be sure to ask the schoolchildren in the neighborhood; they often have such knowledge about their animal community! I'm praying that you get good news soon! Hugs, Susan
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thank you, I am just so afraid that my neighbour has done something to him he is that sort of guy
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Originally Posted by cazimauw
thank you, I am just so afraid that my neighbour has done something to him he is that sort of guy

I am sorry that Eeyore got away, but PLEASE don't give up. Prayers and vibes your way as well for his safe and happy return. MY GFs cat just returned home after 10 days on the run, so there is hope.

As for your neighbor, if you suspect he has harmed Eeyore, please try to talk to him first and ask him if he has seen the cat without sounding accusatory. (if he is rational, and you feel safe doing this) I would also let someone know where you are going as well. If you don't feel comfortable approaching him, DO NOT go. If you do decide to talk to him and he becomes hostile, leave right away. You also mentioned that he is "that sort of guy". While that may be true, that doesn't neccesarily mean he hurt the cat either. However, if he has threatened or harmed the cat in the past, contact animal control immediately and tell them what is going on.

Thankfully, I've never encountered a sitiation where I suspected a neighbor has harmed a pet of mine, but this is what I would do personally. I'm sure others here will have different approaches of dealing with a scenario such as yours, so take each one and weigh them carefully, then decide on the appropriate action.

Believe me, I despise individuals who harm animals with a passion..these people are the scum of the earth, IMO, but on the same token, I don't want to accuse someone of something they may not have done, either.
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I tried to send you a pm but it wouldnt let me.
My hometown is waterford and im heading there this weekend (im currently living in kitchener). Ill keep a look out for him. Its hard to forget such a pretty kitty.

I never would have thought that someone so close to home was on these forums!

My thoughts are with Eeyore and I wish for a safe return
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What a beautiful baby!!! KittenKiya's Clan sends "come home" vibes for your baby to make his way home.

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Can you discretly check around your neighbor's property for her??? With you neighbor's history-I'm afraid of what could have happened to her.
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I went to my neighbour's yesterday. Wow his wife is even worse then himselfs! but i don't think they have anything to do with eeyore. *phew* but we are sworn enemies i have realized. because we called the cops on them before (to do with my cat). 2 days ago my dog got loose so now she is threatning us that she will call the cops if it happens again.
will keep looking though
thanx for the advice
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