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Another pooping issue

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I have an older cat. For the last month and a half she has decided to poo outside of her box. She has gotten quite picky. I took the advise of the peeing problem thread and took the top off of her litter box. It is cleaned twice a day. And she still dumps outside of her box. Picky or not, does anyone have a suggestion as to what to put down, newspaper doesn't work, she moves away from that and still lands of the floor.

She visits with the vet regularly and I have inquired about this problem and they have no real solution. They say there is no health issue that would lead to this behavior.

Is this just something that happens with older cats?

Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions.
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Welcome to TCS...
Here are just a few thoughts....
Where is she pooping now?
Have you changed litter brands? If you are using scented litter try unscented.
Could she have a tender paw that hurts when she steps on her litter.
Where is she going instead of in her box?
Have you changed what you clean her box with.
I would look first for any change that I had made...
Check out the helpful threads at the top of this forum.
They should all be working when TCS comes back online after its move tonight.
Good Luck...
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Clementine, I have the same problem except my cat is not old, she's only about 1.5 years old. I had a hooded litter box with clay litter. She did both in it for the first month I had her, then started pooping outside of it. Then I put another one in there too, an uncovered with scoopable litter. The first couple days she went in the new one, but now she just uses it to pee and still poops right outside it. I'm really fustrated and I hear it's the biggest reason why kitties get given up. I work 15 hours a day or else I'd try to totally clean it out, wash it and fill it with new litter every other day, but right now I just can't. I'm wondering if she's just that picky or what. I have no idea what to do either and am so fustrated about it. Sometimes they like having 2 different litterboxes, one to pee in and one to poop in, so if you havent tried that, I would. But otherwise I'm in the same boat
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Thank you Shiraz21 and xocats. I might try the two litter boxes. As far as the litter brands, we have added the arm and hammer scent free powder to keep the smell down. Maybe that's been the change she hasn't liked. She pees in the box though, why not poo??? At least she pees in the box though.
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