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Major Winter Storm

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Where I live, which is in Minnesota, we have been ejoying a very nice mild winter, with little or no snow. But now that it's March and almost spring, :flower: all that has changed!!! We are now experiencing our first major winter strom of the season. Thursday night, we had thunder and lighting, and also freezing rain and sleet, so everything was covered by a sheet of ice. On Friday night, the very same thing happened again. This morning, it started snowing really hard and got really windy, so the visibility got really poor. And now we are being told by the weather forcasters that really cold air is moving into our area, with wind chills of about 25 degrees below zero!!!!!

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That is so weird that it's March and you guys are getting a snowstorm!

Sounds like a good excuse to curl up in a chair with a great book and a mug of hot chocolate!
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In my part of the country, March is a very unpredictable month, and we can still get snowstorms. But it is getting late in the season for the severe cold that is supposed to be coming, especially since we didn't have that type of weather all winter. Weird weather!!!!

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We are getting slammed with high winds and sleet! Usually this time of year I am at least re-seeding the pasture, but looks like this year I will be alittle late.
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Lorie - I lived in MN until I was 12, and winter is one thing I have never missed. Gotta love Texas!
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I got 8 inches of snow outside of Seattle WA on Thursday. It's melting now....
We usually have a day or two of snow around January, and that's it. Well, we got that, and then all of a sudden, this snow storm came in March! We had whiteout conditions, thunder and lightning. It was very strange.
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Well I just have to say it was 65 degrees here in New England today, very nice for March!!!!!! Lets hope its a sign that spring is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Although my allergies are alrady kicking up ).
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I have several different friends who have gone to Texas on their vacations and they have all said it is soooo nice down there!!!
BTW, it's interesting that you're from Minnesota, what part of the state did you used to live in?

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We got snow in Surrey, were supposed to 5cm but we only got about 1cm, which is all melted now. I can't wait for Summer. It gets soooo hot here. Our winter was pretty warm this year, but now it's freezing.
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B-b-b-ut Dawn, it was 15 degrees last weekend! Busted my car! Still in the shop!

It almost never gets down to 15, ever, here. But in March? In my almost 44 years of living in Texas, I don't remember it ever getting to 15 degrees in March! Brrrrr!
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True, it was really cold last weekend, but at least we're not in the negative numbers. I remember waiting for the school bus in snowmobile suits with boots, scarves, mittens, etc and the wind chill was like negative 30, and I'm not exaggerating. We never got out of school due to snow. Yuck. I'd rather have a day of 15 degrees than months of cold and snow.

Lorie - I lived in Rochester as a kid. I still have family around the Minneapolis area (in some very small farming towns). Both my parents worked at IBM, and my dad was transferred to Austin in 1981. The summers here take some getting used to though.
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I'm definitely familiar with the area you're from. I live in one of the many small towns in the general Rochester area.

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That's neat, Lorie! My dad used to be a high school English teacher in Stewartville. A long, long time ago (like right after he graduated from college). I think Stewartville is around Rochester. We really like Rochester, and I've been back a few times since we left. The most recent was 2 years ago. It sure has changed! I lived in the Northern Heights area, and that area has become so developed since I lived there. It was wierd to see houses where there used to be fields and forests. But it's still a beautiful area. Cold though...
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Stewartville is only about 12 miles away from Rochester. I can remember what Rochester used to be like and I agree that it has really grown and changed a lot over the years. Right now, there is a shortage of affordable housing, so there is still a lot of development and expansion going on. I'm sure you will see more changes the next time you visit.

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We have been having CRAZY weather here in Chicago too...Last week or so we had about 8-12 inches of snow, then later on in the week we had temperatures around 60 degrees and thunderstorms. Saturday was the worst though...the temp fell from 60 to about 10 degrees with the wind chill and we had wind gusts up to 50mph. We also had small hail and sleet. Yuck! I definitely won't miss the winters when I move somewhere warm. (Arizona or Texas)
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Here in Utah, the weather can also be unpredictable. For two weeks it had been mild, up to 59. But we got hit on Thursday night around midnight. I woke up to find the ground covered in snow. But luckily, I watched the weather the night before and was prepared. It was cold for about two days. Now, its nice and sunny. I am not looking forward to summer, though. It can get pretty hot. I am going to be taking Rascal out to enjoy the weather(in his harness.)
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