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my cats decore

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my kitty leo will not drink the water from his bowl until after he puts little pieces of plastic objects or small pieces of plants in his bowl. he will go out of his way to do this. For example he will take as long as it takes him to pick up a leaf or a small plastic wraper and put it in the bowl or else he will not drink. I have to provide this for him or else i think he may dehydrate. Can anyone tell me something about this behavior? I don't mine it and other then that he is perfectly normal
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Check out this thread:

There's a cat there who needs to have flower petals in the water bowl. Sounds similar
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Cats have no depth perception. I have a cat that likes to put a small toy mouse or ball in her water. I think it may help them to see where the level of the water is. Cats will also put their paw in the water to make it move in order to see where the water level is. It seems to me that's why your cat does it.
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Every cat has his/her quirks that is what makes them special. Mine takes a few head bobbes into the water dish before he is comfortable drinking - the depth perception thing brough up by Donna makes a lot of sense.
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Cats do not lap water as dogs or other animals do. They skim their tongue over the surface; some even put their paw in and then lick water from their paw. The depth perception thing is definitely why they bat the surface or put things in the water. A shallow, wider opening water bowl (refreshed often) is best for cats as the deepness of the water is irrelevent. When my water bowls were too deep (over 2 in. my twins play in it like birds in a birdbath. . . . . . . . . .Threeleggedkat
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One of my cats (Bacardi) used to put foreign objects in the water bowl. I finally just dump ice cubes in the water about 3 times a day.Now she drinks because she sees the ice floating, and even drinks more than she did, because the ice sticks around a bit until it melts.
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Dear Leo,
Hi, My Sharky does the same thing, except he likes plastic rings that go around the tops of the gallon or half gallon jugs of water or milk...my cats like to play hockey with them too. So, I guess they serve a couple of purposes
Have Fun!
God Bless You & Yours,
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