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I just need to vent

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I work in the office of a warehouse. My boss had two cats that lived in the warehouse when I started working there. They were quite well taken care of, shots and neutered, and they had used to be strays.

One lady who works in the office says she is allergic to cats. She has a lot of health problems. She also has a real bad temper. But my boss thinks she is perfect. One day one of the cats was in the office, and this lady came in and threw a fit. The next day the cat was gone and nobody ever saw him again. Well I always wondered what happened, but there was nothing I could really say.

The other day this lady, who is actually very nice except about cats, came in and she was very very sick. She went to the hospital after work and told the doctor she had to take two antihistamines because of the cat, (the one we have left) and they interacted and that's why she was in pain, and bleeding, and who knows what else. The next day she came to work and one of the girls had the cat in her lap, and she grabbed the cat and had another fit and caused the cat to scratch the other girl.

Now she is trying to get my boss to get rid of the cat. Since he thinks she is perfect, I am told that the cat may be going to the pound for Christmas. I already have four animals, and I CANT take any more, but I told my boss call me before he goes to the pound.

I am just sick about this woman and what is happening with the work cats.
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can't anybody else take the poor cat
so unfair
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